Wenzhou cosmetics factory: cosmetics OEM industry development trend and competition situation

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-31
cosmetics factory in wenzhou, cosmetics OEM industry development trend in the first place, with the development of the domestic cosmetics market has become increasingly mature, many OEM business to ODM with independent core technology development, gradually began to form their own scientific research team, and invited from Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other international research and development team and consultants, research and development has its own formula and technology, so that can get higher profits, can also get a bigger say in the industrial chain, for the finished products, you can put more focus on marketing and service. Second, cosmetics OEM is the result of social division of labor refinement, is the inevitable outcome of the economic development after the social division of labor cooperation, professional cosmetics OEM enterprise should be management means more complete than their own production, better quality, lower production cost, therefore, wenzhou cosmetics factory improve the level of management, improve product quality, pay attention to the enterprise credit is the development direction of the future. Finally, given China's cosmetics OEM market demand in order to don't understand the technology, the management of the customer, they are products of equipment needed for production conditions, technics and quality control means without too many requirements. Cosmetics OEM industry current situation of the development of wenzhou factory: the size of the market upstream of the cosmetics industry is divided into two parts: cosmetics and raw materials manufacturers. Among them, the cosmetics manufacturers are divided into three kinds of OEM, ODM and OBM, OEM and ODM are most common among them. Specifically, OEM refers to the customer's brands to provide formula, technology and quality standards, the brand trademark, the contract is responsible for processing. OEM is rationalization, global collaboration and socialization production resources and as a result, the effective ways to OEM production has become an important part of modern industrial production, is also an important part of the cosmetics industry. Data show that with the rapid growth of the cosmetics market, sales of cosmetics OEM market in China is also rapidly increasing, OEM sales in China from 2017 to 2012 of the 19. 5 billion yuan to 44. 8 billion yuan. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou: output value of industry in recent years, some domestic cosmetics OEM enterprise quality and technology of the widely recognized by domestic and foreign well-known cosmetics brand customers, domestic cosmetics OEM enterprise same raw material quality and technology products, and ying terri, beautiful silk international cosmetics OEM group compared to the domestic cosmetics OEM businesses generally lower cost, high cost performance. Has many brands downstream clients from this kind of international leading foundry enterprises gradually turn to domestic enterprises OEM production, in order to obtain more close to the domestic market of product design, and higher cost performance. In this trend, China's cosmetics OEM industry output level. In 2017, cosmetics OEM industry output value reached 45. 5 billion yuan, year-on-year growth %. Among them, protect skin to taste proportion is the largest, 2017 annual output value proportion reached 47. 9%; Colour makeup relatively obvious growth in recent years, output value proportion reached 8. 1%; Wash hair output value proportion is higher, more than 10%, 18. 6%; Proportion is 25 other cosmetics. 4%. Wenzhou cosmetics factory: competition by the end of April 2018, the domestic cosmetics production permission from a total of 4456 of cosmetics companies, these companies can provide cosmetics OEM/ODM manufacturer of about more than 2000, mostly in the pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta region, especially the pearl river delta. The pearl river delta region, and in the majority with wenzhou, account for more than 60% nationwide cosmetics OEM/ODM business. Visible, the domestic cosmetics OEM number is numerous, competition is relatively common. The cause of the OEM industry competitiveness is weak, there are three main aspects: one is with low technical barriers cosmetics OEM industry as a whole; Second, the industry spread out, enterprise bargaining power is not strong; 3 it is OEM product similarity degree is high, the lack of barriers to brand, brand premium is low. However, the larger international manufacturers and domestic first-line manufacturers still have larger competitiveness. The new cosmetics production license check points, has a very strict standards and requirements. New rules requirements will such as sweep, will eliminate many & quot; Small workshops & quot; ,“; Small factory & quot; To promote industrial upgrading. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou, operating condition and cosmetics industry as a whole than high margin high profits, cosmetics OEM industry as a whole is low profits, profit ability is poorer, average profit margin is only 11%. Only a few companies can achieve above average, such as: to north bay and child, Mr Jia, cullinan biological, etc.
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