Wenzhou cosmetics factory: contemporary foundation formula

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-29
skin care foundation aims to cover up skin imperfections, and provide the skin with the nature, the appearance of the uniform. Powdery bottom formula can help to achieve this goal. Cosmetics factory in wenzhou, the current commercially available foundation type powder and powdery cake dehydration powdery cake ( Powder, emulsion, wax agent) Emulsion powder ( O/W,W/O) All foundation formula according to the tone and block defect rate in the skin and the opacity to distinguish. Block defect rate means it will cover how many spots on the skin or defects. Gauze foundation is one of the most transparent, pigment content at least. It cannot conceal spots on the skin, but it can even color of skin, reduce pigmentation in contrast with other skin. Gauze cover foundation of product contains less than 5% of pigment. Mild concealer uneven foundation can cover and slight discoloration, but it can't cover freckles. There are 5 - mild block defect of the products 10% of the pigment. Moderate covering range block defect foundation can freckle, and other spots, left the red mark and pimples. Moderate block defect product contains 10 - 15% of the pigment. Full block defect of pink very opaque and used to cover birthmark, vitiligo, excessive pigmentation and scar. It is sometimes called & other cosmetics factory in wenzhou; Corrective & throughout; Or & other Camouflage & throughout; Makeup. Full block defect product contains more than 15% of the pigment. The pigment is used by type of titanium dioxide anatase and rutile crystals ( Occasionally with zinc oxide) And in combination with black, brown or russet various combinations of iron oxide, depending on the required colour. Block defect rate mainly depends on the amount of titanium dioxide in the formula. Before joining water phase, pigment typically use rotating stator grinding machine and oil soluble dispersant dispersion in the oil phase.
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