Wenzhou cosmetics factory: cleanser should often change?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-28
wenzhou cosmetics factories fine resolution, the bilge acidification in pore, so cleanser must contain soap base components able to neutralize the acid. Soap base into alkaline. Also because of this reason, after using cleanser will feel dry skin with mild, this is normal phenomenon. But also should not have tight even molting phenomenon, in this case, it shows that you are using this cleanser, alkaline is too strong, is not suitable for your skin. Because the skin is metabolic, can be in in pore eduction certain waste, such as a skin, dead cutin cell and residual cosmetics, such as the dirt in air pollutant, make have a lot of dirt in pore. Therefore, we can use cleanser to remove the dirt. Another cleanser after using a wet oily phenomenon, this cleanser joined not coarse collagen hydrolysis, or join other's excessive & other; Viscous agent & throughout; Kind of material, this cleansing milk not only failed to cleanse the dirt in the pores, on the contrary will be on the surface of your skin to form a layer of oily resin coated, metabolism of pores and its disadvantage. Therefore, when choosing cleanser is in strict accordance with the illustrations of the cleansing milk up to buy the right type, and on the method of use and usage according to instructions. Also, do not frequently change the cleanser you use brand, unless you think that using the cleansing milk is not for you. Because of various brands of cleanser ph is different, each in a skin must go through an adjustment period, if the ph value contrast is too big, can appear even pain or skin desquamate phenomenon. So suggest you don't change frequently.
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