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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03

beauty makeup industry is one of the strength and reputation of the cosmetics a generation of processing enterprises, set up and anti-aging research institute in the United States: the effect of always adhering to the advanced formula and sophisticated production technology, relying on strict quality management and perfect detection system to ensure the quality of the products, to provide customers with diversified, high-quality products, deep cosmetics industry more than 20 years, more than 3000 brands, welcome you to come to consult the cosmetics manufacturer generation processing services.

1, the enterprise strength

XJ Beauty is a collection research and development, production, sales is one of the innovative enterprise, the company has 100000 grade purification level of purification workshop and standard laboratory, in strict accordance with national standards, all cosmetics production must be qualified to enter the market.

2, high standard production research and development

have high standards of hard conditions, international advanced production technology, the contactless aseptic operation, production lines can satisfy different requirements of production, with efficient production capacity. Because the production power, to guarantee the production for more than 3000 brands, all in accordance with the standards implementation.

3, professional lab

XJ Beauty r&d strength is second to none in the industry, with the forefront of formula research and development technology, strong production team, advanced production technology, dedicated to customers leading the international fashion trend of cosmetic products!

XJ Beauty was founded, to fill the gaps in frontier cosmetics, as the first domestic Beauty industry technology innovation and scientific research and service platform, walked in the front of the industry.

one corner to the workshop

international environmental certification standard: 2400 square meters of research and development, cannot leave the guangzhou baiyun district government has been vigorously support, give us such a good platform, perfect infrastructure and relying on advanced research and development conditions, continuously introducing or independent research and development the international first-class technology, technology, formula, production raw material reserves.

research laboratory equipment

XJ Beauty built in accordance with GMPC standards institute, meet WuJunHua standards, equipped with complete facilities, advanced detection instruments, research lab equipment, automate the output from the production of raw materials to the finished product, precise, intelligent, and ensure the production, the development of high quality products.

XJ Beauty has a high-quality professional development team, always adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the guide, for more than 3000 brand success in accordance with hot style of its products sales channels. Has always been will always strives for the survival by the quality and reputation, with pragmatic and innovation for development, we sincerely provide the best quality products and services to the customers, welcome you to come to discuss.

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