We don't kidding: huawei to do do cosmetics industry

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26

huawei worldwide developers conference on August 11th August 9 solstice officially held in dongguan songshan lake, uncovered the veil of the brake, 'HongMeng' dongguan basketball court was lit the 5000 people of the collective, full applause.

this year, the developers conference say that makes perfect sense, by the attention of the world, because this is huawei's entity list by the United States, the largest conference, the world will be at huawei: 'HongMeng ( 和谐OS) Presented 'system. Huawei's achievement to see in the world, has become a national brand, national enterprise's example.

XJ Beauty as a patriotic, a sense of responsibility of national enterprises, by industry giants, and many scientists at home and abroad to jointly established domestic Beauty industry technology innovation and research services platform, we are not joking: Chinese companies to become one like huawei, huawei do cosmetics manufacturer industry. Is not only the domestic brands, but also to the global market.

although cosmetics market competitive

XJ Beauty still buck the trend on

high growth, buck the trend on

under the circumstances of the current economic downturn, many cosmetics manufacturer brands suffered 'cold winter', many cosmetics factory situation is not optimistic, and XJ Beauty to buck the trend, has maintained a high-speed growth, according to each big cooperation brand market feedback, sufficient to explain the enterprise has been seized the trend of The Times.

innovation consciousness, the driving force of development

XJ Beauty of aim is to provide innovative technology enterprises Beauty industry ( Products) , and have the consciousness of innovation, is one of the important performance of the life an enterprise, has been sparing no effort in product innovation. Small nucleic acid gene spot: like a vaccine regulation genes, make long spot switch is closed, melatonin porns 15 days, 30 days, 60 the spot; Mussels mucin technology: the Nobel Prize in physiology of medical development, 30 seconds fast repair all kinds of problem skin, repair hormone face, lead, mercury, wound, allergies, etc. , are all XJ core technology of Beauty.

the core technology, to satisfy consumers'

with the core technology of XJ Beauty can grasp the needs of the consumers with the fastest speed, to feedback the latest market trends, launched this year: French annatto quintessence new muscle essence oil, algae and other new products have been a great success. In addition to meet the demand of consumer segmentation, forging outstanding product quality, the fear of the consumer, the essential points of the products are in the market.

many brand trust, win-win cooperation

XJ Beauty has its own processing two cosmetics factory: guangzhou Beauty cosmetics co. , LTD. , guangzhou Beauty appearance, cosmetics co. , LTD, modern production equipment, set low temperature aseptic enclosed workshop level hundreds of GMPC production workshop, more than the international standard of cosmetics production line; Have established jointly by the beauty industry and domestic and international numerous scientists of China's beauty industry institute of anti-aging, power production and research and development ability, are leading in the same industry.

and many famous chain, electricity, wechat business, direct marketing, pin, beauty salon and so on have established long-term stable cooperative relations, product variety for brands, electricity, wechat business and beauty salon, entity shop professional products OEM/ODM processing customized, whether it's daily series, the series or the appearance of the products, create beauty can service for you, welcome to custom processing, win-win cooperation.

to become a global well-known enterprises such as huawei, need strength and opportunity, XJ Beauty stick to quality committed to research and development innovation spirit, have the potential, though a long way to go, before the road may be full of thorns, but the XJ Beauty Yin Weiqun Sir, the sponsors hope: 'we are a represents the future of national enterprises, do cosmetics industry, huawei in the future. '

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