We all have a love bean name is, o

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Once upon a time

crazy make track for a star girl 'rice'

network spray 'emperor netizen'

let many passers-by

don't understand, don't understand even despised

but when Hong Kong alone molecular turn traitor for personal gain,

when thugs repeatedly challenge the bottom line

when a buffoon grandstanding

hundreds of millions of Chinese youth see eyes, pain in my heart

facing port which molecular insult and for

- they choose —

voice! O keep in Hong Kong, and to protect!

when their love bean

for issuing 'hold p', 'to protect the flag' and other patriotic speech

words insulted by 'Hong Kong alone'

rice circle girls begun to take advantage of the unique 'cultural meal'

play their 'professional skills' counter 'Hong Kong alone'

beans with absolute power with their own love

together to protect the world's best 'elder brother'

after dinner circle girl in 'o' to protect the world's best

after the first 'expeditionary' emperor also action

@ emperor's official micro release 'for the campaign'

'patriotic, rational and civilized, honest' for the purpose of the

launched 'Sir Propping up port, to protect my China' of

'patriotic youth network war'.

# Hong Kong is a part of China forever #

# I also support the Hong Kong police #

# make track for a star girl's patriotic way #

# make track for a star girl outside #

# we all have a love bean name is, o #

as of August 20,

topic on weibo out

reading more than 12. Of 400 million to 78. 40000!

netizens who coordinated

'o brother debut in 5000

1. 4 billion

live powder flow TOP! '

, so to speak this session of net friend good to

' too much 'the net friend to play to motherland call

dispersing pertains graphic and

XJ Beauty

o, as always, support the

do a social responsibility of national enterprise generation processing cosmetics manufacturer on

product quality, word-of-mouth quality to achieve world-class level

production scale in the industry leading

in the future to strive to build national brand

should not only have the technology content

should have more cultural connotation with fall


do cosmetics help the development of Chinese brand

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