Watch | what changes are happening in the domestic cosmetics market?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
Now residents' consumption grows, in addition to food and clothing live line, '' beautiful consumption is becoming a beautiful scenery line, cosmetics has been inseparable from the people's life, and some men and women, old and young, basically everyone needs cosmetics!

but as for the current domestic market, from foreign brand occupy the majority of market share, rapid rise to the domestic brand, what changes are happening in the domestic cosmetics market? How to become bigger and stronger domestic beauty makeup brand? But foreign brands and domestic brands, cannot leave the cosmetics generation processing factory cooperation, if you need a cosmetic services, XJ Beauty can help you!

mass brand has rise

the makeup brand has occupied 'half' of the cosmetics market. Makeup brands through cross-border cooperation, some countries have captured the 'heart' of consumers. Skin care and makeup, like wash a face to brush one's teeth, have become habits. Now cosmetics is full of beautiful things in eyes, many people may start like Europe, America, Japan and South Korea's brand. But with the increase of the beauty of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, buy cosmetics consumers more value composition and efficacy, and domestic brands of cosmetics, skin is more suitable for Chinese people.

cosmetics manufacturer retail sales data increase

today, '' beautiful consumption growth is strong, is the world's second largest cosmetics consumer in our country. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first quarter of this year, total retail sales of cosmetics class 10. 9, continue to maintain double-digit faster growth. As the quality of the domestic cosmetics brands in our country, some popular domestic brands in the cosmetics market share improved significantly.

electricity economy promotes the increase in cosmetics manufacturer sales

the Chinese beauty makeup sales climbed quickly. Hundred birds antelope has for three consecutive years in taobao 'double 11' gain beauty makeup class sales promotion and the 'double 11' sales up to 2, 2018. 9. 4 billion yuan. '6 · 18 years promotion on the eve of this year, a lot of domestic cosmetics brand in Tmall mall, focus on new product, to grasp the important sales during the first half of growth opportunities, including a group of native to online, through the new brand electric business platform to grow up.

now the domestic cosmetics enterprises pay more attention to research and development and quality, domestic companies to better understand the needs of Chinese consumers, can move more goods consumers with Chinese cultural taste. XJ Beauty to support China's rise, obligatory, welcome to order processing cosmetics!

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