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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
Washing powder on September 1, the new standards implementation in the industry view different < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:01 < / p> source: information times standards to reduce easily the sham as the genuine industry progress good new products recently, the reporter understands from China cleaning products industry association, detergent new standard will come into effect from September 1, Abolition of the original washing powder in the standard and the new standard, concrete index, coefficient of specific provision and use of raw materials. Industry standard have different sounds, and even some people say that standard is lower for consumers is not responsible for, but most companies argue that the new standard is a progress of industry, will be good for research and development of a new formulation. 'Standard' selling point is more suitable for research and development of the new formula is reported that new standard washing powder in March 5, released by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, September 1, officially implemented. The original standard USES a quantitative standard, for the specific index, coefficient of washing powder, and what use raw materials are made detailed provisions; While the new standard from product performance to judge the merits of the products, reduce to the requirement of the ingredients used, but for the decontamination ability of detection, etc, are strengthened. China cleaning products industry association secretary general dance zheng hong told reporters that the new standard pay more attention to the functional index of washing powder, and reduced the composition index, this is the progress in the field of industry production standards, to the technology progress and innovation creates a wider space, for the new product development, production, use the 'open door'. Push 'no phosphorus' detergent powder? The personage inside course of study, some cosmetic enterprise marketing, points out that Mr Zhang from one perspective, the new standard is to solve without phosphorus products, especially some problems of 4 a zeolite help lotion and introduced. According to the regulations of the original standard, the production without phosphorus detergent must be with 4 a zeolite and not lower than the amount of use of 4 a zeolite by, to ensure that no phosphorus detergent washing effect. But 4 a zeolite has many shortcomings, such as poor ability of demineralized water, insoluble in water, also be a dirt deposition on the fabric, make white clothes more wash more yellow, washing powder production by feel stimulate the skin. If a large number of use, also can cause problems such as increased congestion, silt water pipe. Now the new standard of levels, and is a beneficial attempt for no phosphorus products. Zheng dance rainbow is pointed out that the creation of the new standard is not to push a certain product, but in line with the objective to modify the original conducive to the development of industry standards. Procter & gamble ( China) Zhang Qunxiang co. , LTD is a foreign affairs manager does not agree with 'the new standards will push without phosphorus detergent', but he pointed out that in the case of reach of the purity of the provisions of the state, enterprises can still look for better than 4 a zeolite, cheaper raw material to produce no phosphorus detergent. Different sounds the release of a new standard in the industry have different response, loosened the content index on the pros and cons of detergent markets or not, cause a new round of debate in the industry. Opposition 'new standard come on stage, is to the requirements of the enterprise. The biggest change is cancelled for the raw material content of specific provisions, to present performance indicators, in fact this is not a good standard. New standards to reduce the content of index, hurt consumers. Such as no phosphorus detergent of 4 a zeolite, though as no phosphorus help lotion of 4 a zeolite has a lot of unpleasant, but it's no phosphorus detergent can choose at present the most valuable to help lotion. Now cancelled this new standard, as the standard to relax, do not rule out some enterprises will be lower quality guaranteed cost happens. 'An unnamed industry experts for the new standard disagree. Agree with people in the industry, 'said Mr. Qian, in fact, the new standard for washing cleanliness requirements higher, such as the original standard of detergent decontamination of the purity of the detection with a dirty cloth, while the new standard requirements with three different kinds of dirty cloth, that is to say, the detergent decontamination ability request is stronger. Procter & gamble Zhang Qunxiang also points out that the current criteria of washing powder is drawn up in 1997, with the development of industry, some indicators do need to adjust, procter & gamble a welcoming attitude to this. He also stressed that although the new standard is made for washing powder content index change, but for cleanliness requirements raised, for consumers the effect of washing powder is also improved. Consumer guide to the implementation of the new standards 'gb' may have some of the washing powder manufacturers and raw material suppliers, the influence of the impact on consumers, it seems unlikely. In fact, consumers choose and buy washing powder basically see two aspects, one is the price, 2 it is effect; And the implementation of the new standard will promote the cosmetics manufacturer on the detergent raw materials and formulation of development looking for lower cost and better methods of production, thus consumers can use to effect better, the price is more favorable products. At the same time, experts advise consumers to buy washing powder had better look for the 'national standard'. Dance hong zheng points out, when consumer is buying detergent, should choose to enjoy the 'national standard' or higher than the national standard 'brand, the use of' national standard 'brand on the packaging marked' adopt standard GB 'logo. If consumers cannot determine whether the product use of 'national standard', is the best choice inspection-exempted products, Chinese famous brands or products guaranteed brand of washing powder
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