Want to do must go this a few cosmetic processing chain, in order to be successful!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26

cosmetics manufacturer processing must go this several parts: product innovation, market demand, science and technology and dynamic to product formulation, dosage form, matrix, additives, production technology and product development experiment to product quality control, product packaging design - products - sales

with the popularity of cosmetics manufacturer, basically everyone needs to use cosmetics, many cosmetics brands for professional cosmetics processing had more demand. But not all brands may self-built plant, the development of cosmetics manufacturer, it is simple and convenient method is to find a suitable own cosmetics generation processing factory to cooperate. But a good cosmetic processing, must go through the above several parts, we'll go and see!

product originality is initiated by marketing or planning department, after extensive market research, understand the current most popular the most popular products at home and abroad cosmetics market, put forward the proposal to the r&d department. R&d engineers, meanwhile, collect all kinds of information science and technology, research data, established by top together, engineers, planners, recent need to develop new products, develop the medium and long term development plan of the enterprise, namely, production generation, research generation, reserve generation.

in formula design, consider the dosage forms, such as whitening products, the first thing to determine is skin-lightening ointment or milk or cream, and then determine the matrix and emulsification, additives and so on. Then came into the production process, there are many distribution principle and experience, such as emulsification principle, solvent polarity compatibility principle and principle of chemical inertness, The raw material components in the process of production and long-term storage of avoid by all means, in the light, heat and oxygen effect issued by biochemical reactions) , the adding order of raw material and dissolve sequence, joining temperature and stirring speed and time, and so on will affect the overall quality of the final product.

and then, the product quality inspection process, including physical and chemical inspection and health, for special need through the safety evaluation, and even efficacy testing) Via the filling and packing (again, after qualified, In the process of preparation and production of packaging should avoid a pollution) And, finally, form the goods into the market.

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