Want from billions of face film market part of the equation? Then you have to understand how the mask processing production

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-26
Mask is essential in our skin care

moisturizing moisturizing and whitening pale spot, repair skin problems ~

you need TA

delicate pig girl

don't bother don't think waste

youth over the years to become yellow face shiva

regardless of the men and women need to face film

a year in sales but make the unit in 'million'

want from billions of face film market part of the equation?

that you have to understand how the mask processing production.

you know? Mask products have accounted for 10 to skin care products market share. 0%. And market share increased year by year, enough to prove that the mask has become more and more active role in skincare market category. You know how your daily use mask processing production? Do you think the tuned essence and poured together into the aluminum membrane cloth bag inside is ok? Child, don't be so innocent, mask making looks be like simple, actually hide a lot of mystery, production mask will involve a lot of process and technical specification. The processing XJ Beauty25 years focus on cosmetics manufacturer, facial is more professional.

the requirements of the processing environment!

cosmetics manufacturer processing is very strict with production environment, mask processing as well. XJ Beauty has domestic advanced professional mask production equipment and GMP standard production workshop, standardization of microbial detection equipment and quality control process, and create Beauty on the face film processing equipment investment did not exist in many factories, it must have a strong financial support. Create beauty mask generation process, the staff into the generated workshop must be replaced with a special clean clothes, to do a good job of disinfection. Production workshop in accordance with the millions of GMP standard production workshop, in GMP standards for production, storage, transportation and so on various aspects have strict requirements.

( XJ Beauty mask production process)

the mask film of choice!

the mask material choice main membrane material: non-woven fabric, silk & amp; Of the fibers and biological, this 3 three material fiber is the best mask, fiber is the most exquisite, and carrying essence is more than ordinary non-woven fabrics, at the same time to absorb more water and keep moisture for a long time. XJ Beauty science: membrane cloth of choice, is to determine bearing capacity of essence, so a mask of specifications related to choose what kind of material of membrane cloth.

mask essence of choice!

a lot of people think the mask is the disposable use products, why is it so expensive? Mask your is not processing fee is not actually the packing material, but the essence inside. Normally used essence, we knew that: capacity is small, the price is expensive, so to match up the 'essence' of the two words. So do the mask generation processing, how to choose the essence is the top priority. After all, the use effect of face film, not a few bottles of toner and emulsion can compare. Choose XJ Beauty, patent mask essence ingredient, wake up skin cells, keep skin constantly presented above.

( XJ Beauty mask show)

the mask, apply face quick effect, high consumption frequency, high cost performance, has become a popular skin care products, and China face film market is relatively has entered the mature stage. Billions of face film market is waiting for you to share, so, guangzhou mask co-packer which good? XJ Beauty has its own two factories, mask, the leading enterprises in the OEM/ODM processing services for the majority of customers with one-stop cosmetics manufacturer, efficacy and quality records mask generation process.

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