Video | film implanted in how to play? There will be those sparks when film in cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23

the film and television industry in China in the recent ten years rapid development, each year to maintain a high growth rate, especially in the growth rate of more than 30% a year on average 67 recently, especially high growth expected to reach 50% this year, visible - this is a high-speed development of the industry.

the film and television advertising how to play? Is the right operation? The film and television industry rapid development, combined with national policy support, a lot of industry practitioners, begin to enter the industry outside the capital. XJ Beauty as attaches great importance to the research and development and product standardization, cooperate with the government to establish the related standard, has seen the film and television industry, the development trend of July 2 in ushered in the elephant, film and television zhu always a line of people.

does the nuggets opportunity many film and television industry, its profits, may be more than 300%, 10000%, domestic film and television have sprung up in recent years the high quality project. As the small film visit to discuss cooperation, but also because took a fancy to XJ Beauty this high-quality platform, and the future development prospects, hope to film and television in cosmetics manufacturer to collision sparks of more intense.


( Found it? Advertising, film and television into simple and crude)

elephant investment film is a film and television works, film and television derivatives creation, production, distribution, and film and television culture brokerage, Internet and film and television industry integration services in various fields such operation of a new generation of film and television companies. Now many enterprises will invest the film and television, while equity funds or become the film and television play the correspondency of marriage of capital and industry. The XJ Beauty negotiation with small like the film and television film investment cooperation, and in order to be able to make the film & amp; produce collision sparks, and hope to have a win-win choice.

XJ is the sponsor of the Beauty, Mr Yin Weiqun involved in numerous industry investment, but: don't forget to beginner's mind, always, to focus on the industry more than 20 years, with the detail achievement quality, 'to a world-class brand core'. The cooperation with the elephant, film and television to discuss, and also considering the film and television industry investment direction, digging every potential investment projects.

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