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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-25
Wenzhou cosmetics factories scarlett said whitening mask is very hot < p> 2018 - wenzhou cosmetics factory 12 - 13 17:41:41 < / p> want to stand out in a competitive market, it is necessary to have powerful whitening effect. About which model to use whitening mask, whiten and beautiful skin mask many consumers get the praise thumb up. Products derived from, and constantly explore frontier science and technology, use of foreign well-known supplier of imported high quality raw material as core components, such as nicotinamide, & alpha; - - - - - - Arbutin in the field of international medical beauty, beautiful white composition tranexamic acid, etc. , high quality ingredients to build outstanding product efficacy. Say hydrating mask effect main points, moisturizing and whitening, fight decline, the hydrating mask is the most popular, followed by the white. The whitening mask market saturation phenomenon has emerged, but in the eyes of cosmetics factory in wenzhou, the saturation phenomenon is illusion. Why say so? China's fake imitation far more than the innovation ability, once the new features have new products, fake imitators will rise again. Whitening mask market homogeneity serious at present, a cosmetics shop have several brands of products are selling point, the same effect, will produce fatigue for consumers for a long time. Whitening mask as a finished product efficacy mode, because it can have is the consumer more efficient, and most of the market whitening mask products did not have this effect. Wenzhou cosmetics factory manager told me. High-end advanced science and technology is used to change the ingredients together, make the skin rapid absorption component, direct muscle bottom, the whitening sex can quickly effectively inhibit melanin, keep skin white and bright. Did very good moisturizing effect, make the skin keep in water filling state. Doing well in improve skin quality, water and oil balance, can let skin fully moisten and keep water embellish, blossom the youth brilliance.
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