Vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of products is more important

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept, has the advantage. The packaging technology has helped many new brand and new formula go public. Vacuum packing once the assembly is completed, the filling packaging consumers to use process, almost negligible air can into the container, pollution or decomposed contents. This is the advantage of vacuum packing, it is the packing of the product provides a safe air, avoid contact with air, reduce is likely to change and oxidation occurred, especially in urgent need of protection and delicate natural ingredients, to avoid a preservative called on opposition, vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of products is more important. Vacuum packaging of the product is different from the usual standards of suction type pump or spray pump, vacuum packing is to use the principle of separate lumen, squeezing contents. When the diaphragm move up to the bottle inside, become a pressure, the content is close to the vacuum. Another way of vacuum is using vacuum soft bag, placed inside the rigid container, both use concept is almost the same. The former is widely used, it is very important for brand selling point, because it takes fewer resources, can also be identified as 'green'. Vacuum packing also provide accurate dosage control, when discharging hole and specific vacuum pressure set good, no matter why the pressure head shape of form a complete set, each dosage is precise and quantitative. Therefore, can be adjusted by changing some parts dose, from a few or a few ml, all in accordance with the requirements of product adjustment. Product preservation and health as the key value of vacuum packing, once the content is removed, there is no way to put back the original vacuum packaging. Due to the design principle is to ensure that the use of each are fresh, safe, secure, internal institutions of our products, no spring rusting, nor pollution to the contents. Cosmetics container vacuum bottle packaging style each different, each customer's preferences, customers can choose according to brand positioning of the consumption level and the crowd to the corresponding vacuum bottle design, general vacuum flask the price will be relatively a bit higher, also can because of different style can differ, customers can choose according to brand positioning properly! 498. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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