Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
Now a lot of cosmetics are using vacuum flask, can be one of the material and isolated air, to prevent the oxidation and bacteria and harmful material. Now we often see the vacuum bottle is made of the spheroid container and a piston, through the spring force, don't let the contraction force air into the bottle, and then use the atmospheric pressure to the piston forward. But should pay attention to is can't let contraction force between piston and the bottle wall is too big, not easy to promote. If special hard, of course, can advance will also have an impact on the normal use, leaks, and then high to the requirement of cosmetic packaging bottle cosmetics manufacturer. Brought convenience to say the launch of the vacuum flask, especially for female cosmetic industry. Effectively the quality of the product, maintain freshness. But because the structure of the vacuum is more complex, so in terms of price is relatively high. Now in the use of vacuum flask is not a lot. Cosmetics if extrusion type vacuum flask, you will need to is a better choice for the material of the bottle, should be not easily broken, good is the ability to choose plastic material, not easy broken, and pressure is stronger. In general, the cosmetics bottles, bottles are internal site there will be a free activity, and then use will slowly move to the above, in the process of until the bottle's contents is about to run out of time and the tray will be in the position of the distance to the top of the bottle is closer. To open the lid, and then push the movable tray to below, should be a lot of time to rinse the bottle, because to protect skin to taste is the need for a cleaner, then he can hold in to cosmetics, if pressure is not big enough, then you can try to press a few times, then you can more easily squeezed out of cosmetics. Vacuum packaging technology is a new concept, has the advantage. The packaging technology has helped many new brand and new formula go public. Vacuum packing once the assembly is completed, the filling packaging consumers to use process, almost negligible air can into the container, pollution or decomposed contents. This is the advantages of vacuum packing it for the packing of the product provides a safe air, avoid contact with air, reduce is likely to change and oxidation occurred, especially in urgent need of protection and delicate natural ingredients, to avoid a preservative called on opposition, vacuum packaging to extend the shelf life of products is more important. 488. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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