Vacuum flask for the cosmetics industry has brought benefits

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
At present domestic cosmetics container is divided into a lot of material, PE, PET, PETG, PMMA, AS, PS, PP, etc. , and glass, the production technology of different material is different, the cost is different also, the effect of the product also has the very big difference. The following all material is given priority to with domestic raw materials, import effect is not the same, the gap is too big, the requirement of different quality has the very big difference. Many cosmetics container cream and lotion bottle might use this kind of material, the material of this kind of material itself, it is not transparent feeling is very good, feel of frosted with little effect, if you want to carry bright, it can only use technology to improve, such as spraying, electroplating, etc. , but to choose this kind of material is usually manifested itself effect, rarely use extra special process for processing. Is commonly known AS the acrylic material, believe a lot of people have seen, feeling good acrylic looks like crystal, and then there are the PETG, AS, PS, PET, acrylic rendering color in this picture because PMMA can not directly contact and inside material, will respond, usually have a tank, and the tank will usually adopted is PP material, and can do all kinds of craft, such AS spraying ( Blue, yellow, red, etc. ) , plating ( Gold, silver, etc. ) 。 High-end cosmetics most will adopt PMMA material. Contents of the vacuum flask and air can be isolated, to avoid the product due to contact with air oxidation, bacteria, and with its high-tech concept promotion product. On the market of vacuum flask is made up of a cylinder into spheroid container plus a placed at the bottom of the piston. Its design principle is to use a contraction of the spring force, and do not let air into the bottle, create a vacuum, and the use of atmospheric pressure to push the bottom of the piston to move forward. But because of the spring force and the atmospheric pressure can't give enough power, so the piston can't and bottle wall joint is too tight, otherwise the piston will be caused by the rise of resistance to progress; On the other hand, if you want to get piston is easy going and easy leakage of material condition, therefore the vacuum bottle is very high to the requirement of manufacturers professional. 497. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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