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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28
Some people say, the skin natural is the best means of skin care, any cosmetics are irritating to the skin, use for a long time will leave some harmful substances. So gradually someone without any skin care products that are put forward. In fact, in our professional cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer to XJ Beauty thinks, want to have good skin remember to keep keeping, when you use skin care as a habit so you won't feel trouble, don't ever say to yourself trouble, the world is no one thing can be done simply. Using skin really well, let's analyze, skin absorption ability is very weak, the basic do not absorb water soluble vitamins, very small amounts of fat-soluble vitamins absorption, absorption is the best. Then, almost all cosmetics brand useful ingredients to the skin, especially the whitening vitamin is not absorbed by the skin, and can be absorbed by the skin of hormone is harmful to the skin, even if some of the products do contain hormone, also won't write. In medicine, a new technology or new products from development to the practical application, through laboratory and clinical trials are two basic stages, the final test data after statistical analysis to come to the conclusion that how useless. Most cosmetics manufacturer of skin care products is not a big drug company, its product development is absolutely not follow such a rigorous process, therefore, the instruction on brand of this kind of effect is just their wishful thinking, in such and such fresh words just to cater to consumer psychology, reliability is questionable. To be honest, the skin quality mainly depends on heredity, daily maintenance can improve the skin, but it can't change. For young beautiful people, especially the skin itself good beautiful people, professional cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer XJ Beauty thought to want to make your skin look its best, key to do the following: 1, no makeup, again good cosmetics is harm to the skin, some beautiful people want to make up to improve color of skin, the result will be the real color of skin worse and worse, don't make up can't see people. 2, don't stay up late, every day can sleep to nature to wake, best to know men eat, women rely on sleep. 3, drink plenty of water, nothing to drink, drink water more than natural toilet, metabolic waste can discharge in a timely manner. All 4, eat more fruit and other food is good for the skin, vitamin and its used to brush, not directly absorb more really. 5, and constipation. 6, be happy, it is better to fall in love, love can make the endocrine more harmonious. 7, to do the above, the rest is simple: use proper cleansing milk every night before going to bed wash, and then toning and moisturizing, on a regular basis to cutin, what to do face film, according to the personal skin, do some corresponding maintenance, these are all very experienced. Don't need to cosmetics, using skin won't increase the burden of skin is not desirable. Such as summer, uv sunburn easily. If choosing the best SPF sunscreen, can make skin less hurt.
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