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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
What skin care cosmetics processing factory briefly ampoules in order to use < p> cosmetics processing factory - 2018 08 - 22 18:11:57 < / p> there will be someone there to ask the essence of effective supplement which good? Cosmetics processing factory technical research and development center staff said that the essence of a universal supplement, it is hydrating essence. Because moisture is the root of keep skin beautiful. Essence, and then what Ann bottle is good? Don't blink! Look here. Cosmetics grandly promote wine fermentation processing cosmetics manufacturer carry bright restore essence sake makeup with for a long time. Female duchenne perennial winemaker vinasse, repeatedly white rice suitable meters, has a very smooth and delicate hands. This is because in the process of wine brewing, will form the rice fermented liquid and vinasse essence, rich in the wine fermented by natural yeasts to produce rice wine yeast, it's very similar to skin cells of needed nutrients, can accelerate skin metabolism, it contains rich vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic acids such as hundred natural substances, so easy to be absorbed by human body cell. So use cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer to promote wine fermentation brighten restore essence, can reduce the number of wrinkles, reduce the depth of the wrinkles; Improve skin elasticity; Carry bright color of skin and improve skin water respectively. Be like, the snake venom peptide beautiful eye essence milk snake venom peptide beautiful eye as ever milk main efficacy have relieve skin, lift firming, improve black rim of the eye, eye fine lines, eye bags and other eye problems. Sounds of snake venom peptide, have sense of feeling a little terror, but the snake venom peptide can effectively smooth skin and remove wrinkles. Apple stem cells to extract 2003 Swiss scientists found that there is a very rare in the Alps called Uttwiler Spatlauber apple tree. This apple tree apple after being picked, can remain fresh in four months, and this time length is enough to make other apple aging atrophy, no longer shiny. At the same time, its bark or not were picking apples after the surface is abrade can recover on its own. And appear this kind of mysterious phenomenon, because it contains a kind of stem cells that can quickly restore that is to say, this kind of apple stem cells has obvious anti-aging efficacy to regenerate. Apple stem cells in yan essence can wake up the sleeping stem cells and stem cells, repair damaged skin, from the perspective of the source of hundreds of millions of cells, continuous generation of new cells and migrate to the skin surface, adjust the cell update cycle, safe and effective against skin aging, finally realizes the reversal of aging in yan.
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