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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-04
Up whitening cosmetics propaganda inside fire in October of next year will be fine < p> 2017 - 03 - These implied or express the medical function of language, since October of next year if again appear in cosmetics, including toothpaste, shower gel, identification, related businesses will be fined 10000 yuan. Reporters yesterday from the city of food production supervision have learned that 'cosmetics identity management stipulation' starting next month, law enforcement is investigated from October 1st of next year. 'Cosmetics identity management stipulation' cosmetics is defined as 'to daub, spray, spill or other similar methods, in the human body, Skin, hair, nails, lips, etc. ) , in order to achieve the cleaning and maintenance, landscaping, modifications and amendments to human body odor, change the appearance or keep a good state for the purpose of products ', which means that toothpaste, shower gel and other everyday items will also be included in the cosmetics. Reporters visited several shopping malls, supermarkets, it found that, express or implied has medical effect of cosmetics, some even said its medical effect after clinical validation. As for is about to be included in the ranks of toothpaste, cosmetics some exaggeration, make some toothpaste is no longer a toothpaste, but drugs, including some prominent toothpaste, toothpaste, its curative effect is listed in succession, such as whitening, in addition to bacteria, moth-proofing, some more treatment for periodontitis, bleeding gums, oral ulcers and other oral diseases, really is attractive. City food production supervision, deputy director of the Zhong Quanbin tells a reporter, next year strategy after October 1, the cosmetics, including toothpaste, shower gel, are no longer allowed to promote curative effect in the logo. The reporter understands, with 'cosmetics identity management stipulation' the national standard of are also under revision, the new standard is expected to add provisions: for cosmetics logo must be marked in all ingredients. < / P> < P> reporter yesterday visited the market found that at present most of the imported cosmetics without the specific composition, deputy director of the municipal food production supervision Zhong Quanbin told reporters that once the new national standard, imported cosmetics must also abide by, otherwise the customs will not be released. < / P>
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