Uneven skin tone? Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory tutor to teach you!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
Was supposed to be healthy, fit, white skin, if deep a shallow one indeed is not very good, not only on the make-up to trouble, also sell at a discount greatly to the overall image. How to improve uneven skin tone? We need to find out the reason for the uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone genesis 1 - — Skin clean incomplete daily discharge makeup clean job is not well, can make skin appear similar to wash not clean like uneven skin tone. But more importantly, discharge makeup clean does not reach the designated position, can cause pigmentation, make the skin aging, resulting in uneven skin tone. Improve way: attaches great importance to the daily discharge makeup and facial cleaning, personal situation to choose the appropriate makeup and cleaning products, facial cleaning, must pay attention to using the technique of circle, thoroughly clean the face. Also, chamfer on a regular basis. Uneven skin tone genesis 2 - — Skin dry and dull after a cold dry winter, nutrient deficiency of skin will become dull dull, uneven skin tone. Want to in the summer to white, bright white porcelain muscle, is compensatory and enough nutrition for the skin, by inside and outside, make skin smooth and bright like a newborn babies. Improve way: after the clean should be timely nourish skin, the skin is slightly damp condition rapidly daub skin lotion have beautiful white effect, whitening effect is more significant, timely moisture can keep skin Q play more compact. Uneven skin tone genesis 3 - — Prevent bask in work not doing a very good job of many MM feel prevent bask in summer, the sun is actually need to do all the year round feet. Winter sunshine time is short but the intensity of the ultraviolet (uv) light has not weakened, MM people during winter and spring of ignoring the prevent bask in work, over time will produce melanin, the face cause uneven skin tone. The uneven skin tone? Today's beauty &skin care method or more, the effect is uneven. Collected by card cosmetics manufacturer factory small collect below to introduce a few small coup, give it a try, there is always a suitable for you! 1, filling water. This is the basis of beauty &skin care work, is also very critical problem. Without water, replenish nutrition more skin can absorb, but also may cause indigestion. Therefore, before any skin care work, it is very important to do a good job of hydrating. 2, diet therapy. Flat when pay attention to the food, added some fruits and vegetables such as broccoli can keep skin elastic, and can make the skin has the ability to resist damage, ( Uneven skin tone, sometimes may be a case of skin damage) ; Spinach and cabbage is completely antioxidants, they can quickly cure blain. Often eat green vegetables are not easy to have black rim of the eye; Watermelon can make the skin become delicate. Watermelon contains bioactive substances ( Lycopene) Can heal wrinkles place of skin damage. 3, use fruit acid cleanser and mask skin tones. Can choose A few cleanser that are rich in vitamin A, C and mask, lemon, kiwi, strawberry, for example, contain rich vitamin C, food is good for the skin whitening. You can choose to contain these fruits cleanser. 4, taking some nostrum: soybean red jujube congee, sunflower astragalus porridge, sesame radix polygoni multiflori, etc. , you can do it yourself do comply with the provisions of the personal taste, raise colour, both delicious. 5, in fact, sometimes uneven skin tone because of excessive toxins in the body, and oatmeal can filter toxins in the body, this is very important to keep the skin bright and clean, can also add soy, soy contains a lot of vitamin E in favour of cell growth. 6, uneven skin tone? In daily skin care, also can use some block defect foundation, concealer powder, etc. , make up for the inadequacy of uneven skin tone, create the brilliant makeup look. But make up time shoulds not be too long, and discharge must be carefully when discharge makeup clean, avoid residual cosmetics manufacturer more skin problems.
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