Under the free | epidemic disease 'force' cosmetics industry ushered in the spring

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14

affected by the epidemic, cosmetics companies were forced to repeatedly delay time to return to work, though currently existing enterprises gradually return to work, but the long-term 'blockade' status allows business owners face 'pain' of survival. Of course, the 'pain points' of different enterprise types mainly exist a certain differences.

such as brand, personnel wages accounted for big head, especially pay attention to the experience marketing service enterprise, the large demand for artificial, this spending big naturally. As for CS shop, in addition to the staff wages, the facade of rental costs also occupies a large proportion, although there are some shopping center introduced a rent reduction policy, but there are many shops can't enjoy such a policy. And cosmetics production enterprise is facing to return to work, recruitment, staff is not enough, even if to return to work approval down, in addition to personnel, raw materials, goods transportation is a problem.

Chinese cosmetics enterprises mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, is now facing unprecedented challenges, but a crisis, cosmetics manufacturer companies related to a series of supportive measures intensive fall to the ground. Across the country have issued for small and medium-sized enterprises supporting policies, each big electric business platform also launched a number of supporting policies, dense cosmetic industry ushered in the spring.

cosmetics brand through online marketing channel

in the face of the sudden outbreak, nobody is observers, the outsider. Since the outbreak, many cosmetics companies making donations, if necessary. Today, facing the offline channel across the lockout, performance decline, etc, have been part of the cosmetics brand joint agents, stores, with combination of online ecological building, to achieve 'cloud to return to work'.

to support them in addition to the logistics cost burden of rent subsidies, reduction, etc. , formed by many cosmetics brands also live, community seconds kill and air based online ecological beauty class, restore the management production, the existing brand gradually achieve results. Many traditional channels in the cosmetics manufacturer brand under the leadership of the incoming line, after the outbreak will likely be a new integration in online, is both new opportunities and challenge.

electric business platform zero threshold when the host, the official blessing flow

around gradually return to work with each big electric business platform of disease resistance into a new stage, from the initial direct support epidemic sources and focus to resume production, as far as possible to help affected by the outbreak of the businesses. For cosmetic industry, current offline store, need to seek a new way through online channels.

live such as alibaba, taobao, jingdong, the trill, quickly, such as electric business platform relevant supporting information, each platform big efforts to guide and support businesses to live, a zero threshold in premiere, flow support, reduction platform for businessmen operating expenses and other supporting policies, to cope with the current crisis.

30 provincial and municipal governments to help companies to return to work and production

in the outbreak in less than a month of time, the country 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have issued for small and medium-sized enterprises supporting policies, ensure enterprise resume production, reduce the burden of small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen financial support, etc. , can save a lot of rescue for the enterprise.

since be cosmetics companies, will have to say that accounts for about 55% of the total national production enterprises in guangdong province, there are more than 2600 cosmetics production enterprises in guangdong province, as a big province, cosmetics industry of guangdong province issued 'to return to work and production of article 20', the key to ensure enterprise production, to provide prevention guidelines for production enterprises, and appoint the help enterprises to resume work and production preparation work, implement the enterprise strategy. The same distribution of many small and medium-sized enterprises in zhejiang province cosmetics, for more positive policy measure, support enterprises to resume production as soon as possible, strive for the outbreak cost the small and medium-sized enterprises, to a minimum.

XJ Beauty by industry giants and many international and interdisciplinary scientists, jointly established domestic Beauty industry technology innovation and research services platform, have two cosmetic factories, and at the same time a number of brands, our heart is epidemic, positive response national policy. The originator and XJ Beauty Mr Yin Weiqun also said: 2020 be a tough year, but it's also a cosmetic enterprises realize the transformation and upgrading, a great opportunity for reform, the upgrading of the industrial chain of the supply chain. Future will face a more difficult time, I am very confident, once this difficult time in the past, a lot of cosmetics manufacturer enterprises, brand will be, and now is not the same.

the major cosmetics companies are prepared ready for the challenge actively, outbreak is test for us, as a series of supportive measures dense landing, the arrival of the cosmetics industry spring has slowly.

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