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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-27
U. S. lawmakers tried to cosmetic beauty industry taxation on vanity < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:46 < / p> nowadays, cosmetic industry and cosmetic industry. Beautiful people's vanity and make benefits contributed to the rapid development of the industry. But his lawmakers to make the plastic surgeon so proud, according to the Associated Press reported on January 27, U. S. lawmakers are trying to add a 'vanity tax', the target is to plastic surgery and cosmetic injections such 'vanity industry'. CiYi was proposed, nature is the direct victims - — Doctors and ms strong fight back. They think that such a tax is simply terrible. 'Too unreasonable. They do really want to stop? Massage? Beauty? Or my teeth cleaned? '51, is engaged in the plastic nose, go scar, belly and breast enhancement thin plastic surgeon said giovanni battista vico anfield. 'Even now are through selective pregnancy surgery, why not ivf tax operation? 'Journal of plastic surgery news editor of hackers think it is unfair to ms. Because most of the people are living for plastic surgery is not very wealthy women, they tried to save money just purchased in relation to self-esteem of plastic. Within the legislative council is how to think? Washington, a state legislator Kaiser said he never received plastic surgery, also don't rule out the possibility of for plastic, but very supported the tax would raise. She said that she chose to support, because it can increase the consumption tax in the state of 6. 2%, and the money can be used to improve the health of the poor children. 'Since they can afford the high cost of plastic surgery, the consumption tax also care about this? Your lipstick is enough the money. 'It is understood that only New Jersey has implemented the tariff. The state since last September to shaping a 6% tax. The move, alone for the state to the fiscal income of $25 million a year. Illinois, followed by the state auditor has offered 6% of cosmetic tax. If legislation, is expected to vote in 2006. But as the 'hometown' of plastic surgery - — California, or exemption so far. Information source: peninsula morning paper
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