Two 4-dioxane technically difficult except? 吗? Is that you do not use for raw materials! !

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-19
Recently, due to the consumers' association of Hong Kong to launch a market research, market in Hong Kong on 60 shampoo for chemical and microbiological testing, found there are 38 section samples detected with two 4-dioxane pollutants, because 4-dioxane is regarded as a kind of stimulus and chemicals can cause cancer, thus again cause consumers focus on two 4-dioxane with buzz. What are the two 4-dioxane? Two 4-dioxane is a kind of colorless transparent, volatile liquid at room temperature, often used as a solvent widely used in paint, pesticide, medicine and other products in production. By IARC ( The international agency for research on cancer (iarc) Assessment for may have the risk of cancer to human body, and cosmetics disabled. As a detergent is often used in our daily life, laundry detergent, shampoo and body wash will contain two 4-dioxane. Because the two 4-dioxane is polyethylene glycol (peg) and its esters, poly ( Ethoxylation) Ethers, mixed polyether, ethoxy cosmetics raw materials commonly used in the process of preparation of by-products, because technically unavoidable cause with the raw materials into products. The international agency for research on cancer ( IARC) Will two 4-dioxane listed as 2 b, that is, smaller potential carcinogenicity in humans, but in the animal experiments have proved that there are carcinogenic. Easy to produce raw materials are two 4-dioxane lauryl alcohol polyether glycol ester sulfate ( AES) , polyethylene glycol ( PEG) , such as common with anionic and nonionic surface active agent, emulsifier, etc. , are likely to very small amounts of two 4-dioxane byproduct into the final product. Because these materials in the heating process can produce two 4-dioxane dehydration, this is inevitable. The relevant person in charge of a cosmetics manufacturer brand r&d team says that two 4-dioxane can't completely remove? NO NO NO use mesh amino acid does not contain two 4-dioxane an industry research, according to people familiar with the American FDA recommends the related cosmetics raw materials manufacturers use vacuum stripping of purification process to deal with the raw material of by-product 2 4-dioxane, this process can be as much as possible to reduce the raw material of two 4-dioxane carry, but the current techniques are not completely removed. Had appeared, in fact, the current domestic replace sodium lauryl alcohol polyether ester sulfate and so on easy to produce two 4-dioxane raw material & ndash; — Amino acid surfactant. Suzhou industrial technology research institute of zhejiang university led by zhang jian, director of the center for biological research and development team after 10 years of painstaking research, the development of new type of amino acid surfactant, because of its special mesh structure defines it as mesh amino acids. Mesh amino acid clean better than sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid, at the same time, more environmental protection and safety, degradation products of L - mesh amino acid surfactant Alanine and coconut oil, will not cause any harm to ecological environment and human body. Mesh amino acid formula technology research has won three national invention patents, and another seven patents of the world in the public; And through the Shanghai center for disease control and prevention of toxicology security evaluation, the test items include the acute oral and dermal acute skin irritation and eye irritation, the chronic 8 tests such as through the mouth, the indicators meet the highest safety rating. Mesh amino acid surfactant as the main cleaning ingredients in cosmetic application will become the industry's revolutionary epoch-making significance. Suzhou vickers vimy biological technology co. , LTD is mainly engaged in development and production of the original amino acid green chemical and cosmetics manufacturer. Developed more than 20 models all amino acid cosmetic leisurely cosmetics and amino acids, including cleanser, hair conditioner, toothpaste, mask, toner, hand cream, liquid soap, shower gel, net, etc. Products of fruits and vegetables. The four characteristics of amino acids: safety, environmental protection, clean and comfortable. With these features, depends on the molecular structure of three dimensional network mesh amino acids. We know now that the cleaning mechanism is end of the daily chemical products as the hydrophilic group, the other end of hydrophobic groups. Oil is surrounded by molecular form a stable emulsion. By flushing oil can disperse from attachments into smaller emulsion drops in the water, rinse with water and left. Mesh the decontamination mechanism of amino acids: same with amphiphilic, affected by the hydrophobic group chain long, decontamination ability is not strong. But as acyl - coconut oil L - The special structure of alanine, various gel factors such as hydrogen force, electrostatic force, hydrophobic hydraulic and & PI; - - - - - - π Interaction, to drive the liquid composition is stationary, forming a three-dimensional network system, such as a sponge has strong adsorption ability, comprehensive infiltration thoroughly remove pollution of harmful substances. Different from other amino acids, amino acid green cosmetic products on the market at present also has a lot of amino acids of supplies and cosmetics manufacturer, most ordinary domestic amino acid cosmetic products only add a small amount of common sense of amino acids to improve skin or blister, when catharsis must use AES, SLS and other petrochemical cleaner, really decontamination effect or a traditional surfactants, after percutaneous poison, serious can affect health. Pure amino acids, amino acid series products are using the mesh amino acid surfactant as the main cleaning ingredients, decontamination ability stronger than the ordinary chemical cleaner, physical aseptic, strong taste, moderate resistance. Enter the body into the nutrients that can be absorbed quickly; Into the natural environment can rapid degradation, will not cause secondary pollution and eutrophication. All series of products with the core material life leisurely amino acid instead of traditional chemical raw materials, put an end to the body damage of supplies, don't have to worry about two 4-dioxane.
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