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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-22
Transactions increased by 180656. 67%! These magical masks are emptying consumers' wallets. I thought that after 618 big promotion, the masks that consumers should store have been stored. They should not be sold in July. However, facts have proved that never underestimate the purchasing enthusiasm and purchasing ability of consumers, especially in the category of facial masks, consumers are born to like the new and dislike the old and love the early adopters, even if there are usually fixed facial mask brands, as long as there is fresh goods, they can't stop their enthusiasm to buy and buy, not to mention, there are still many consumers who haven't met the brand that makes them die. Every month changes, and there are dark horses in every month. Look at what magic masks emerged in July, emptying consumers' wallets. Annabella seaweed mask increased by 180656. 67%, peraya bubble mask increased by 4576. 59% ▲ mapping: China beauty network data center data source: business staff Taobao/Tmall the whole network July mask (New) Among the top 20 high-trading commodities, the largest increase in trading was annabella annabella seaweed mask from Thailand, up 180656. 67%. The brand not only has a domestic official flagship store, but also has a number of overseas flagship stores, Watsons, Wanning, Sasha have sales. The retail price of its overseas official flagship store is 45 yuan/box (10 pieces) It is understood that this product is also a network Red propaganda route, there are many Thai network red for its voice. In the little red book, there are more than 6000 related notes. Its official account fans 8. 40 thousand. In July, the hottest one in the whole network is the Black Sea salt bubble mask of peraya, which has become the full network mask of taobao/Tmall (New)The champion of top 20 high trading commodities. This one-piece 99. 9 yuan/box (10 pieces) The facial mask, recommended by various celebrities in Tik Tok, and the product features of its demonstration, strong interest and unique selling points, have increased its transactions by 4576. 59%. On the little red book, there are more than 40,000 notes related to bubble mask. Xin Youzhi's strict selection of water Pengqi moisturizing facial mask and JLISA muscle Linsha nicotinamide hydrating net penetration invisible mask are also rare products with trade growth in July. The former is the IP attribute and live broadcast function of Xin Youzhi itself, while the latter is 218 yuan/2 boxes (20 tablets). Although the transaction growth rate has declined compared with June, The WIS moisturizing mask is still in the same position as in the previous months. It is believed that the position is difficult to be shaken. Among the various patch masks, the only mud film among the top 20 high transactions is Kiehl's Amazon white mud skin cleansing mask, which rose from 13th in June to 10th in July, it is enough to prove the strong strength of this product. Perlaya bubble mask a ride of dust, VT mask sales amazing ▲ mapping: China beauty network data center data source: business staff in Taobao/Tmall the whole network July mask (New) Among the top 20 popular products, whether it is the transaction index or the number of monthly payments, the perlaya bubble mask is a ride, and more than 100 transactions have been made. WIS is very moist mask, and it is in the second and third positions as in June 1. The natural Hall snow shikonin fine pore mask continues to rank fourth. Top 20 products, VT Tiger facial mask, xinyouzhi water Pengqi moisturizing facial mask, trauesy/chuangermei collagen Multi-Effect repair facial mask, Annabella hydrating expert nourishing facial mask, Bb LABORATORIES/kelaibao resurrection grass plant moisturizing facial mask are all new top masks. Among them, vt cica sleep mask (Tiger Mask) The number of monthly payments reached 942882, second only to peraya bubble mask. The feature of this product is that the sleep mask is made into a single pack, which is easy to carry and gives people a different feeling. There are also more than 6000 related notes in the little red book. Trauemy/chuangermei collagen Multi-Effect repair mask is designed for sensitive skin. The brand grass is active in many social platforms such as Little Red Book, which is very good. There are more than 30,000 related notes in little red book. Bb LABORATORIES/kelaibao resurrection grass plant moisturizing mask originated from Japanese beauty salons, focusing on the concept of resurrection grass. It is a water-washing mask, which is more expensive than Kiehl's white mud mask, but it has also sold more than 30,000 pieces. From the single price point of view, the lowest is the white nicotinamide mask, 1. 99 yuan/tablet, the highest is Trauemy/chuangermei collagen Multi-Effect repair mask and Dr. Jart/tijiating hydrating mask, single price is above 29 yuan. It can be seen that no matter how many patch masks there are in popular products, there are always one or two sleep masks, mud films and water washing masks coming out, because consumers have demand for such products. Perlaya, WIS and JM are among the top three high-trading brands, while VT is eye-catching. Drawing: Data Center of China beauty makeup network data source: business advisor Taobao/Tmall mask on July (New) Among the top 20 high-trading brands, peraya naturally topped the list, followed by WIS and JM. Online and offline channels perform well. Jart/tijiating ranked fifth and VT ranked sixth. Judging from the transaction growth rate, only peraya and VT rose year-on-year, with the former up 439. 48%, the latter rose 29. 80%. Source: China beauty Network
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