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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics why particularly popular < p> 2017 - 12 - 19 17:02:00 < / p> herbal mask, pure natural herbal shampoo, ancestral secret recipe whitening essence & hellip; … All kinds of cosmetics pegged to the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine, has been accepted by the public. Reporters found some stores and supermarkets in the city visits, in the market, in the make-up of Chinese herbal medicine composition very much, such as, damned, natural hall of hundred main plant, natural skin care brand more and more be favorred by the consumers. Consumption the expert reminds, cosmetics manufacturer containing ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine can also cause skin allergy, when consumer is bought to choose according to their own skin, to the best trustworthy stores to buy. With the continuous improvement of living standard, people more and more attention to environmental protection, safety, TianRanXing cosmetics. Useful herbal cosmetics is extracted from Chinese herbal medicine and natural plant ingredients, traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics follow the sustainable development of the natural environment and human requirements, satisfy people the pursuit of high quality way of life, conform to the trend of people individuation and diversity consumption and & other; Green & throughout; And & other; Humans return to natural & throughout; The trend. “ Natural & throughout; &ldquo仍然; No added & throughout; , undoubtedly bring Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics good development opportunities. A large supermarket in panyu district in the cosmetics counter, reporters found that in the cosmetics of Chinese herbal medicine composition very much, such as hundred rough market, damned, natural hall, etc. Because this kind of main plant, natural skin care cosmetics, so favored by a lot of beautiful women. Sales staff told reporters that the plants of Chinese herbal medicine products suitable for all kinds of skin, mild and not damage the skin pharmacology of Chinese herbal medicine. At the same time, along with the rise of green consumption, natural health concepts such as Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics is more and more popular with beautiful people. Be worth what carry is, relative to the expensive foreign brand cosmetics, the price of Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics are relatively affordable, several dozens yuan can buy it, so the sales have been good. Why so many women prefer herbal cosmetics? In recent years, by a barrage of cosmetic safety problems, make consumers more and more tend to use & other; No added & throughout; Or & other Does not contain preservatives & throughout; The cosmetics. “ No added & throughout; Is to point to specific cosmetics do not add more than 100 kinds of composition of sensitive, injury to the skin. These ingredients including preservatives, pesticides, preservatives, surfactants, acidification oil, artificial colors, artificial flavor, and so on. In front of the cosmetics counters, a Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics of choose and buy, miss he said her fragile skin, use some cosmetics before, often appear red, allergies and other symptoms. Later, she listen to the advice of close friends, try to use a Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics, result is rarely fragile skin skin allergies. Since then, she buy cosmetics manufacturer will see it first, if is the cosmetics containing Chinese herbal medicine, she will buy. Reporter discovery, the pure natural products are often contain some chemicals, can be absorbed by the skin, but it is difficult to be decomposed skin and discharge of products, so long-term use can bring harm to the skin. And more natural products such as the Chinese herbal medicine cosmetics small stimulation, no side effects, using more safe, more can be absorbed by human body, decomposition, so it was very popular among female consumers. In recent years, with the progress of era and people advocate and the growing demand for the return to nature, taking Chinese traditional medicine extract as cosmetics additive to produce all kinds of Chinese medicine efficacy of cosmetic have sprung up, and increasingly become the latest must-haves in the consumer fashion. However, because these cosmetics production necessary for all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine additive refined extraction technology is not perfect enough, not high technology content and lack of effective components of modern scientific basis, also didn't get the vast majority of consumer recognition in the market.
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