Traditional and new cosmetics OEM cosmetics OEM has the nature of what the difference?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15

with the development of the era, more and more to some serious after refining, different brand will find corresponding cosmetics factory for processing, but many people don't know yet what traditional cosmetics OEM and new cosmetics OEM has essential difference, XJ today get the understanding of small make up take you break down.

1, the different technical content

traditional cosmetics OEM production is basically based on foreign technology, almost no technology, while the new cosmetics manufacturer OEM production for at least part of their own technology. Now have the strength of cosmetics manufacturer factory will set up their own research institute, the institute, improve their own strength, to provide customers with more technical content generation processing.

2, profit allocation in a different way

traditional cosmetics OEM production rely on cheap labor to obtain low process cost, and the 'new cosmetics OEM' by investing in its technology has changed the profit allocation method and proportion of profits earned by including technical appreciation, so now not only sell cosmetics factory technology, is more of a sell is service.

3, the future prospects of the development of different

traditional cosmetics manufacturer OEM production is a learning process, and its prospects for development depends largely on whether enterprise can obtain effective technical accumulation, through the learning process in a timely manner to change mode of production, timely 'ascension' technical level; A new cosmetics stick a card 'and' has entered the stage of technical innovation, the next stage will be to create their own brand, and has its own technological achievements.

this is a new and effective model is based on the original cosmetics OEM/ODM, to adapt to the new market competition environment, to do any work pay attention to brand, only with their own reputation, then it can enhance the value of the brand.

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