Top ten mistakes in facial mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-06
1. I love facial masks and apply them every day. Facial masks are a big meal in skin care products. Although the effect is very good, they cannot be used every day in principle unless there are special requirements. Some masks have clearly marked cycles, such as 5 days of treatment, or 3 tablets in 10 days. If you want to achieve the best results, you should strictly abide by it. If used continuously for a long time, 1 ~ per week ~ Two times is enough. Otherwise, no matter how good the food is, if you eat too much, you will feel it! Of course, if it is an emergency under special circumstances, it can be used at any time. Daily use of the cleansing mask will cause skin sensitivity, even redness, so that the immature keratin loses the ability to resist foreign invasion; Moisturizing mask is easy to cause acne when used every day; The hydrating mask can be used every day during the dry season. 2. It is a very time-saving and smart way to make a mask while taking a bath and applying a mask while taking a bath, but it depends on the mask you choose. It is recommended to use a wet mask. Tear-off and jelly masks are not recommended. Because water vapor will make the mask not easy to fit with the skin, if it is a mask that needs to be dried, the water vapor will affect the effect of the mask. In addition to the mask, the facial massage cream that is now popular in the beauty industry is also very suitable for bathing. The steam during the bath can help soften the keratin. 3, do not need to use special eye mask eye skin thickness is only 1/4 of normal skin, so it needs more special care. Many Masks, especially those that are clean and moisturizing, cause irritation to the weak skin of the eyes and should be avoided. Therefore, if you want to strengthen the skin of the eye, the use of eye mask is still necessary. Especially in the case of a large amount of water shortage and lack of nutrition around the eyes, the effect is ideal. In fact, the eye mask should be used at least twice a week and combined with eye cream to achieve the best eye protection effect. 4. Apply facial mask to the neck. The neck skin that cannot be ignored is the most likely to leak age. However, when attending important occasions, we often wear a naked neck dress. Therefore, a few days before the dress, you must start the neck care before the makeup. Make a moisturizing neck film 1 week in advance to let the neck skin drink enough water; About 15 minutes before the formal makeup, apply the neck film again to quickly fade the pigmentation and even the neck skin tone; Then apply the moisturizing cream to the neck so that you can apply makeup. 5, absolutely can not waste the essence of the mask can have a sense of saving is very good, but use the right place! The time of applying the mask is 'overspent', which will cause the skin to lose water and lose nutrients. So in addition to following the instructions, you can make an approximate estimate of the use time according to different masks: the moisture content is moderate, and it will be removed after about 15 minutes, in order to prevent the mask from absorbing moisture from the skin after drying; If the moisture content is high, it can be used for a while, but it will be removed after up to 30 minutes. If you really can't bear the essence inside, it's good to use it to wipe other parts of the body. 6. It is necessary to exfoliate the skin before making the mask, but it is not necessary to exfoliate it every time. The stratum corneum of the skin is the natural barrier of the skin, which has the functions of preventing skin moisture loss, neutralizing pH value, etc. The metabolic cycle of the stratum corneum is 28 days, I . e. the stratum corneum metabolizes some dead cells every 28 days, therefore, Exfoliation should be done at most once a month. Excessive exfoliation will damage the stratum corneum. In addition, sensitive skin does not need frequent exfoliation. 7, can not be used frequently tear-off mask is to use the full contact and adhesion between the mask and the skin, when the mask is torn off the skin, the blackheads on the skin, aging keratin and grease are all 'peeled. It has the strongest cleaning ability, but it is also the most harmful to the skin. Improper use may cause skin relaxation, large pores and skin allergy. There has always been a lot of controversy about tear-off masks, because tearing itself will cause damage to the skin, so it is not recommended to use such masks. Of course, the strength of the tear-off mask is that it has a strong cleaning power. If you really love this kind of mask, remember to avoid the eye area and eyebrows when applying the mask, and the frequency of use should not be too high, usually once a week. 8, my hobby is DIY mask a lot of MM see TV and magazines to promote their DIY mask, the idea is good, but in essence, the help to our skin is very limited, it may be that I felt some effect when I first finished, but the skin of the next day returned to its original appearance. The reason is that these homemade mask ingredients are very natural, but they have not been treated with some science and technology. Generally speaking, the molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin, so although it is interesting and saves money, it has no effect, smart, you have to think about it! 9, oily skin cleansing mask can be oily skin MM mask is very important, you can choose three kinds of mask: Oil Control Mask, deep cleansing mask, moisturizing mask. Because in the dry season, the skin will be dehydrated and oily and dry. The program can be used as an oil control and moisturizing mask one day a week, and a deep cleansing and moisturizing mask every other week. 10, the mask should not be too thin, the mask needs to apply a thick layer? Yes! When the thick mask is applied to the face, the skin temperature rises, which promotes blood circulation and makes the infiltrated nutrients spread better between cells. The moisture that cannot be evaporated on the skin surface will remain in the epidermis, leaving the skin smooth and tight. The warm effect also softens the keratin and expands the pores, allowing the dirt accumulated inside to be discharged. Make a mask in a timely manner, give your skin a good maintenance, want your skin to get better and better, be sure to get rid of these mistakes.
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