Today's topic: how to quickly learn the knowledge of cosmetics OEM/ODM?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15

the first point:

- - avoid risk ability

do cosmetics manufacturer OEM usually will appear what problem?

1, the material quality problem.

2, packaging material to the factory, the unequal number of problem ( The bottle to the factory after, quantity is more or less, the balance about 100) ,

3, packaging materials and is expected to make a color contrast ( Such as: the bottle and the label is transparent color, the color of the material body is other colors)

4, packaging material and body material produces chemical reaction ( For example, stale, color, etc. ) 。

5, between material don't match.

packaging material is the most headaches, cosmetics factory and the salesman material defect is a common fact. General common the threaded wrong, leakage, image blurring, kiss, etc. The unequal number of problems can be in every time production, inventory of material quantity again, A) , otherwise the production a few times, quantitative difference will be very big. Packaging color contrast, is a salesman's experience. More questions from other colleagues, customers.

standing on the shoulders of giants, learn more. Packaging materials of chemical reaction, the salesman really powerless, can only try to avoid, how to communicate with the company and the engineer. Packaging material mismatch between is, most problems, is generally the bottle do small or big or carton label and bottle is difficult to ( The customer operation for the first time, when time is cast, it should be noted) 。

the second point:

- The cosmetics manufacturer industry has a deep understanding of -

from wechat business now, electric business, the mode of operation of traditional channels to know; Match between product to provide some Suggestions; Brand for chaoyang, encouraging customers to do. How long will this category of fire, a concept of time. The customer product design, packaging bottle type of the best know, copywriting and selling point of the product, can show just a little. To understand the business operation mode, nature is to understand the interests behind them. Third point:

- Professional and expertise - rivals

to understand competitors' professional and expertise to both marketing and technology.

a competitor's factory must understand: area, the number of expertise, marketing, etc.

rival companies really have to go to understand. Because, the customer can choose several plants of the same type, or will choose a well-known brands on the market for you. Do you want to know this brand is which factory production. Free can go and see. A factory can do well-known, customer resource is little not. Look at their marketing model for differentiation. Your client will not be less.

the fourth:

- And for your self-image - to the company

for cosmetics manufacturer OEM/ODM, your goal should be to help the customer's product, safety and correct delivery. His company's expertise, should be more understanding. Price and category are remember.

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