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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-01
The European economic community to the provisions of the cosmetics label < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:38 < / p> source: China quality network of the European economic community ( EEC) Issued the 'regulations of EEC cosmetics' in 1976, since then supplement and modify it with many times, at present, the procedures included in clause 15 and 7 in the attachment. This is EEC members of cosmetics in the common trade rules. One of the provisions of the cosmetics packaging label is very strict, EEC members shall take all necessary measures to ensure that sales in the market of cosmetics packaging or containers or clearly marked on the label is easy to see, and includes the following five contents: first, indicate the name and address of producers and distributors or registered office. Member states may require production outside the EEC cosmetics indicate the name of the source country. Second, within the capacity of the container. Third, the minimum period of validity. Validity refers to the products within the prescribed period, under the condition of appropriate storage can continue to keep the original effect, especially not harmful effects to the human body. Should indicate: the best use before a certain date. If necessary, indicate the guarantee period is satisfied, dates to the moon and years, valid for more than 30 months of cosmetics, do not need to indicate the validity period. Fourth, when using the matters needing attention. Especially to use condition, the scope and the warning on the label in the container. If for practical reasons for less than, can be printed on the packaging or instruction. In this case, the container need to mark on the briefing, indicating consumers see instructions. Fifth, production batch number or identification mark. When the actual reason cannot be marked because of the packaging is too small, can be the content on the retail packaging or on the packaging. Each member needs to take all necessary measures to ban in the tag, description, and advertising in graphics or other form, use a few words, name, trademark or image to suggest cosmetics itself does not have certain characteristics.
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