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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
To protect consumers' right to know, inspection and quarantine officials interpret < p> 2017 - the new regulations 03 - 16 13:23:49 < / p> < p> 'food identity management regulations' requirement, food marking shall indicate the list of ingredients, the ingredients list of ingredients shall, in accordance with the production and processing, the descending order of annotation for the amount of food. And specifies, direct use in food sweeteners, preservatives, colorants, shall be under the ingredient list on food additives labeling specific name; Use other food additives, shall be under the ingredient list on food additives labeling specific name, type or code. Labeling shall note content, not according to stipulations ordered deadline to correct, Will not change, a fine between RMB 10000 yuan and 500 yuan. < / P> < P> additives shall indicate the specific name < / P> < P> to better protect consumers' right to know, the new rule improve the labeling requirements for component identification. < / P> < P> 'cosmetics identity management regulations' requirement, cosmetics label shall indicate the composition table, labeling method should conform to the corresponding standards and requirements. < / P> < P> as part of the food production enterprises still have a certain amount of food packaging inventory, in order to save resources, reduce waste, general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued a notice, regulation by December 1, food can continue to use the original packaging. < / P> < P> of genetically modified food should have English description < / P> < P> 'food identity management regulations' regulation of several kinds of special food logo shall be marked in Chinese. These foods include: belong to genetically modified foods or legal genetically modified (gm) food raw materials, including clinical proof food is easy to cause harm to special groups, after ionizing radiation or processed foods, ionization energy, and in accordance with the laws, regulations and national standards and regulations shall be marked with other Chinese food. In addition, in order to prevent enterprise exaggerated product efficacy or cover up the product defects, food in its name or description of 'nutrition' and 'enhanced', should be in accordance with the standard regulations of the state with the food nutrients and calories. < / P> < P> the repackaging and provenance information must clearly < / P> < P> new regulations were added to the repackaging of labeling requirements. According to the regulation, packing food shall be marked with the name and address of the partial shipments, and write partial shipments on; Repackaging cosmetics manufacturer shall indicate the actual production and processing enterprise name and the name and address of the packing, and packing. Why rules indicate the packing is? This is because the repackaging behavior will change the product original state, and environmental conditions in the process of packaging and packaging equipment hygiene factors may bring changes to product quality, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers shall clear for partial shipments. < / P> < P> in addition, the new regulations on food, the cosmetics the labeling of origin of also made a request, this is because in the case of producing area different, vendor, product reputation and product quality is not quite the same. Clear, the origin of a product to contain and prevent the use of origin, the differences between the product reputation, deceive consumers wrongdoing. < / P> < P> prohibited suggested efficacy exaggerated function < / P> < P> according to the relevant provisions of the regulations on the food, food logo may not indicate the following content: express or implied with prevention and treatment of disease; The health food express or implied have health care function; To deceive or mislead the way to describe or introduce food; Additional instructions have not been able to confirm its basis, etc. < / P> < P> 'cosmetics identity management regulations' requirement: to exaggerate the function, the false propaganda, depress the content of the similar products; Express or implied with the content of the medical role; Easy to cause the consumer misunderstanding or confusion of product name shall not be marked. < / P> < P> this means that if there is a similar food labels 'phlegm cough', 'memory' and so on, will be illegal. At the same time, the 'treatment', 'poison', 'remove scar' and 'treat oral cavity ulcer' and other words also will not be allowed to appear in the identification of cosmetics, otherwise will give administrative punishment in accordance with the law. < / P> < P> it is important to note that according to the specified in article 3 of the regulation on administration of cosmetics label, daily chemical products such as toothpaste, etc were also included in the category of cosmetics, be bound by the rules, the logo should also be in compliance. < / P>
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