To prevent new coronavirus | 'long-acting antibacterial' series of products to create a more secure environment for himself and his family

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01

new coronavirus across the country, touched the hearts of the billion or more Chinese people everyone exposure at any time in front of the invisible bacteria and viruses. At this point, the XJ Beauty with hundreds of millions of you, all wars 'epidemic'.

about the spread of the virus way

low direct transmission.

low aerosol transmission.

low contact transmission.

this new type of coronavirus will through the way of contact, droplets, the fecal-oral transmission, through the mucous membrane of the nose, mouth, eye further the virus to the body, so should wash their hands, ventilation, wearing a mask.

effective new crown virus prevention methods, XJ Beauty yan elected authority 'long-acting antibacterial' series of products, to create a more secure environment for themselves and their families.

long-acting antibacterial series

in the face of the epidemic spread at the same time, XJ Beauty called dozens of researchers on the characteristics of new type of coronavirus, developed specifically for the prevention and the isolated virus disinfection bacteriostatic products, 'long-acting antibacterial' all-round protect you and your family's health.

low long-acting antibacterial spray low

low alcohol antibacterial liquid low

low nanosilver antibacterial gel to wash your hands free low

low nanosilver antibacterial hand sanitizer '

low potent environmental disinfection is low

low long-acting antibacterial soap crystal'

long-acting antibacterial, round-the-clock watch

long-acting antibacterial spray has proven effective in SARS period put to minimize the risk of infection, is currently in China and the world, in disinfection and sterilization products one of the best products, the sniper new coronavirus this battle, long-acting antibacterial, throughout the guardian to minimize risk.

antibacterial mechanism test

left: untreated like eggs of e-sports figure full escherichia coli cell membrane;

right: the long-acting antibacterial products burst like a broken egg in e. coli e-sports figure.

antibacterial surface model

spraying surface formation of adhesive layer and a positive charge, electric death of bacteria.

implementation 'physical fight infection, avoid drug resistance. 'The unique value.

antibacterial test

a spraying the surface of the skin, for 8 hours after the bacteriostatic rate was 99. 85%

a spray of fabric surface, after 40 times of washing bacteriostatic rate was 99. 96%

XJ Beauty

XJ Beauty is committed to China's Beauty industry technology innovation and research services, in the face of the outbreak, we are together! Roll out ceremoniously 'disappear' type certification 'long-acting antibacterial' series of products, this series of products formula contains nano silver and composite quaternary ammonium salt, can effectively kill coronavirus, together to win the war 'epidemic' of victory!

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