To identify the quality of cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Now many of the women in the use of cosmetics manufacturer, for the use of cosmetics is also have a certain understanding, but in front of the cosmetics manufacturer market with exquisite, for quality concerns, it is not so clear, so do you know how to learn to choose good quality cosmetics, along with cosmetics factory below and see it! Clean class cosmetics can quickly remove the skin surface and all kinds of dirt in the pores, no greasy feeling or tension after use, best can keep a very thin layer of protection membrane on the surface of the skin. How to learn to choose good quality cosmetics skincare cosmetics together become beautiful viscosity is suitable for this summer, paste is easy to pick out, emulsion easy to pour out; Easy spread out and dispersed on the skin, and skin lubrication, can keep moisture for a period of time, after use, gooey feeling. Make-up cosmetics (1) powder and foundation types of facial makeup: should be easy to apply, can form a smooth layer, and easy on face evenly distributed, not gathered in the wrinkles and pores; After use feeling smooth, comfortable sense. (2) the eye shadow and mascara eye make-up products such as: should be attached to the uniform when using, not agglomerate and adhesion; Daub after drying speed, appropriate felt no brittle after being dried, not easy to be scattered tears, has certain durability, and discharge makeup is more easily. (3) class lipstick colour makeup is tasted, should be bright color uniform, smooth surface, paste without porosity and grain; When daub smooth smooth, good adhesion, can maintain a long time, but not difficult to discharge makeup. Nail cosmetics bright color uniform, and will not change color by lighting or lose luster; Coating can form when wet, easy flow of liquid membrane, liquid membrane texture is smooth and not sticky, good adhesion, fast drying, usually about 3 ~ 5 minutes; After drying can form uniform, clear and without porosity of the membrane; Formation of the coating should have a certain hardness and toughness; Will not make fingernail discoloration, easy to remove makeup. Cream paste emulsion products should be exquisite, bright and uniform color, pure flavor, no bubble, no spots, swear and demulsification phenomenon. Make up water for transparent model make up water, should be clear and transparent, without suspended matter, cloudy, no precipitation phenomenon.
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