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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
Shanghai to explore new food safety regulatory system < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:38 < / p> through the phases of reform, finally in food production and processing, circulation and consumption of the link form is given priority to with a department, comprehensive, professional, a system model of regulation, make whole tend to be more uniform and efficient food safety regulatory system. This is at present the main content of the food safety regulatory system reform of Shanghai. The plan is to take part in the Shanghai government through managing the meeting. According to the plan, now the health department is responsible for the food circulation and consumption link ( Including the restaurant, cafeteria, etc. ) As well as health food, Including cosmetics manufacturer) Production and processing, circulation and consumption of link the regulatory role of the food and drug regulatory authorities. At the same time, will now by the health department is responsible for other food except health food production and processing link the regulatory role of quality and technical supervision department. System is adjusted to the food and drug regulators vertical management of two levels of the urban areas. The reform will help to integrate the existing resources of food safety supervision, strengthen the food safety regulation ability. Shanghai municipal food and drug supervision bureau for regulatory core and the weak link, put forward to perfect supervision mechanism, the extension field, enhance the level of regulatory measures, etc. Key to grasp the relationship between the regulation of food and drug supervision, after syndrome before the regulation and supervision, the relationship between vertical management and apanage management, the relationship between administrative law enforcement and the technical inspection. Department of quality and technical supervision of Shanghai the next phase will be highlighted four key, the regulation that the grain, meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, bean products, aquatic products and children's food food as the key, the integration of urban and rural areas, villages and towns, communities, migrant population and urban rental building, shopping center and residential area as the key, small businesses, small workshops and black sites as the key object, used in the production and processing of food raw materials especially the poisonous and harmful material, abuse of food additives, fake food logo, unlicensed production and sale of unlicensed food illegal ACTS as a key inspection content, implement the food safety work earnestly. ( Chuck)
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