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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-10
Such as cosmetics disable 'anti-wrinkle' < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:04 < / p> < p> SK - Ⅱ events such as the relevant departments and many consumers pay more attention to the safety of cosmetics, but also accelerate the 'cosmetics health standard', 'cosmetic label management norms'. At present, by the ministry of health supervision bureau public comment 'cosmetics label management norms' has come to an end of the public, will be announced in the near future. < / P> < P> 'cosmetics label management norms' lists the hundred disable word, such as 'special effects, high efficiency, full effect, containment,' such as false exaggerated expressions and 'except mites, improve endocrine, anti-wrinkle' express or implied, such as the function and effect for the treatment of diseases of words can't appear; New specification also defines 'when measured above SPF 30 products, and, after deducting the standard deviation is greater than 30 biggest can identify SPF30 +, and cannot be identified measured values'. < / P> < P> reporter's major shopping malls in Beijing, sees on the cosmetics manufacturer counter of the new specification 'false exaggerated expressions such as' 'special effects, super, available', etc. , are sold in cosmetics or more common; The vocabulary of 'disable' is more common in the market, such as l 'oreal anti-wrinkle series products of yan anti-wrinkle firming creams and yan anti-wrinkle firming eye cream is the 'anti-wrinkle' for products directly to the name; For the 'above SPF30 SPF30 + sunscreen will only annotation' the provisions of the current market avene, biotherm, LRP, shiseido, almost all cosmetics brands have SPF50 even higher prevent bask in article. In addition, the 'efficient lip balm', '7 days to reduce weight effective words such as' it is easy to find in some cosmetics. < / P> < P> 'product label' full effect ', 'special effects, 'I don't know, businesses say it is good. 'A consumer ms ho told reporters. Reporter in the interview process whether sales staff know similar 'special effects' the language of the future can no longer be available, some of them said 'know', most said 'not sure'. Reporter in the interview, also see, at present there are many cosmetics brands will use 'approved by the department of health' or 'health department approved the name' for product promotion. However, 'cosmetics label management norms' after the formal introduction, such propaganda name will also be banned. < / P> < P> although 'cosmetics label management norms' listed 'to disable the words' nearly a day, but the reporter discovers in an interview on the market, some with disable word meaning is the same, but similar expression language also can be seen everywhere. Such as 'oil' instead of 'containment', 'repair fine lines' instead of 'get rid of wrinkles. In addition, such as the 'ability to improve skin whitening reduction' and 'remove yellow, dark dumb,' language, seems to be to a certain extent, the effect of cosmetics. < / P> < P> reporter in the interview, understand that the new specifications after will require a considerable portion of the cosmetics of the currently on the market for label replacement, this would increase the cost of production enterprises. Industry experts are calling for 'hope relevant departments can give enterprise must buffer'. At the same time, the new standard may make the cosmetics manufacturer industry usher in a new round of reshuffle, especially some add banned substances and has the special effect of cosmetics will exit the market, while the standard will accelerate out part of the small business. < / P>
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