To abandon the 'blush' reserve, women 'private maintain' can not be ignored

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02


but understands the life began to notice to maintain the oh ~

today topic # woman intimate maintenance can not be ignored #

woman private maintain want to do? Create beauty everyday personal care 'level' stem cells, with 'private maintenance factor' of privacy, 'escort' for you!

private nursing huge market potential.

the world health organization survey:

global gynecological disease prevalence rate is as high as 93% above, the number of deaths from gynecopathy in up to 9 million/year. According to a China hosted by the Chinese center for disease control female reproductive health survey showed that over the course of a year, have a history of vaginitis of adult female 53. There are 9 86%,. More than 48% of people break out repeatedly for four times.

the importance of private maintenance:

1, the private system all-round cleaning, detoxification and purification system with close illicit, for you to do the 'clean, fresh' woman.

2 endotoxin and the accumulation of waste, reduce the private system, reduce the incidence of cysts, fibroids inflammation of department of gynaecology.

3, warm pelvic cavity of the uterus, promote the metabolism of cells, repair the necrotic tissue of the body, activate immunity and self-healing.

4, making women rosy, smooth skin luster, anti-aging, delay the menopause.

the personal care product on the market can safely use?

private nursing huge demand breeding ground for more than 90% of the products, have focused on the sterilization

1, antibiotic drugs liver and kidney function damage, damage to the vagina micro ecological environment, resistant to use for a long time.

2, antibacterial suppository

coated uneven, easy local drug concentration is too large, mucous membrane damage, caused by bleeding. Become resistant to it.

3, antibacterial gel body stay time is too long, easy to cause allergies. Have gooey feeling. Cannot be used as daily maintenance.

4, antiseptic lotion

vaginal acid-base balance easily destroy the urethra, anus cross infection immunity, disease of department of gynaecology break out repeatedly.

XJ Beauty private maintenance factor

1, 100% stem cell products pure biological products of chemicals, taken from umbilical cord blood, through the biological cell culture, cracking, no dependence, 0 hormone, safe and efficient.

2, neutral formula antimicrobial itching

private parts for weak acid environment, there is a natural antibacterial, alkalis long-term use can destroy the original environment against the force of germs.

3, coordination compound with accurate and efficient

stem cell active factor + + natural immune protein collagen, three-way moisturize, nourish the private parts, increase resistance.

XJ Beauty school private maintenance factor: a collection of 'ten big advantage' help improve

1, the improvement of private parts red

2, improve the vagina smell

3, improve the vagina pruritus 4


5 improve urinary tract infection, improve leucorrhea abnormality

6, make private health tender pink 7

8 cell renewal, promote ovarian, improve ramp sensitivity

9, removing dead skin vaginal

10, moist vagina

woman such as flower, reproduction as the root, want to spend a beautiful, root will be healthy!

about # # woman intimate maintenance can not be ignored, do you have anything to say?

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