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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
Tianjin brewing beauty industry technical operation specification < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:40 < / p> learned from the tianjin orthopaedic hospital that at present, tianjin about more than 50000 visitors each year degree different plastic surgery, with the development of medical hairdressing, anti-wrinkle, breast implants, liposuction, flap cut out many beauty project has achieved 'minimally invasive' surgery. In order to ensure the safety of more beautiful people accept medical hairdressing, at present, the city's beauty industry norms and technical operation specification of the hairdressing industry of tianjin is brewing. Cosmetic surgery farewell 'big lift cover' the love of beauty of life is not a heart, but, through cosmetic surgery to make oneself become beautiful, in the past, many people dare to dare not to want to. A process has been detailed consultation cosmetic surgery ms ren said quietly: 'I was afraid at the thought of the operation process. According to introducing, 'in the past, some cosmetic surgery intraoperative trauma is larger, do a anti-wrinkle operation such as ms, to reveal all its upper face to face first, then tighten the sew. Now after the introduction of minimally invasive surgery method, redo anti-wrinkle operation need only made 3 small hole on the top of the head, intraoperative minimal trauma. Patient recovery time can be shorten than before more than two-thirds. Practitioners have not learned the formal beauty according to plastic surgery hospital medical hairdressing center director Lu Bin, currently engaged in the beauty industry in normal hospital doctors in the city of 500 to 600, but almost all the doctors from the dermatologist, dental, orthopaedic turned edge disciplines, such as never learn formal beauty. In 2002 the ministry of health has issued 19 order to engaged in cosmetic industry of medical practitioners must after training to mount guard, however, the file has not stipulated in the 'no trained medical practitioners are not allowed to mount guard', so, although practitioners in the city there is no formal training, but also no one lose your 'job'. The beauty industry is expected to 'specification' lu stressed that both double eyelid, edges and botox injections, even if it's just a simple wear ear, as long as there is a medical hairdressing, require a doctor's prescription, will be made to normal hospital, beauty salon can do instead of regular life. In order to ensure the quality of medical hairdressing, this city has established last year cosmetic quality control center, is responsible for the quality specification of the city's medical beauty industry management and daily supervision and inspection. Held in the city of the second plastic academic conference, the 'standard of beauty industry in the city' and the city 'the beauty industry technical operation specification have been on the agenda. Source: the north network
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