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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-09
Tianjin beauty salon association started holiday early warning mechanism < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:43 < / p> Spring Festival will come, it is also the hairdressing salon to a huge increase in traffic, is also a beauty salon disputes prone period, in order to avoid the occurrence of beauty salon negative issues, tianjin beauty salon association yesterday launched during the festival the early warning mechanism, requires the hairdressing salon in the city follow the industry standard process operation, but also to remind consumers choosing beauty salon service can refer to during the festival the standard of early warning mechanism, selecting hairdressing salon assured satisfaction for consumption. Environment is clean, according to the city's beauty salon association of wu xun secretary general introduction, in order to nip in the bud, to hairdressing salon consumption must first select the service standard of hairdressing salon. Priority is to store environment, decorate good or bad is the second, good hairdressing salon should have a rest waiting area, there are a lot of beauty salon magazine for people to enjoy, if you find a lot of customers in into the store, and shop environment in the mixed and disorderly, broken hair piled up on the ground, no one clean, hair trimmer place everywhere, the store environment is not up to standard. Service standard silver units in the hairdressing salon business all day is the most important jobs, silver station reception personnel's quality can reflect the service level of a store, especially when busy, still should be orderly, MangErBuLuan. According to the service specification, the hairdresser eye-catching place of the will to express various service price, not fraud, concealing the customer, let customers clearly consumption, the receptionist should be courteous patient reception customers warmly. In addition, consumers should inspect hairdressing salon service process and service operations, such as some details, towels, how the cloth is clean, the water temperature, each link is someone lead, please sit down, if the check is accurate, rapid and whether any single fault, do not appear error, etc. Whether can according to the order arrange customers accept service accurately, if more people want to waiting time, told clothes to keep customers, a good hairdresser will have lock box store items for customers. How staff quality hairdressing salon clerk my personal hygiene should be standard, including clean hair and fingernails clean, clean clothes, should not eat have peculiar smell of food, have pictures of himself wearing badges, clerk have a salon beautician professional qualification certificate. Communication is in place a good hair salon beautician besides treats people the enthusiasm polite, can also according to the different situation of each customer reasonable hair salon or beauty advice, let customers choose their own, provide service after approval by the customer, clear price before operation. How to deal with if there is a beauty salon of complaint, the store can do to guide customers to the rest area patiently listen to, in a positive way to solve until customer satisfaction. Such as hairdressers and assistant teacher to timely communicate with guests in the operating process, such as 'no' or poor dyeing should be handled according to the rework, until to achieve guest satisfaction; Like a burnt hair, ears cut broken, garment dyeing, etc. , should be handled by the store manager and the parties involved through consultation. Information source: north network
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