Through a variety of the late effects of different packaging technology to achieve cosmetics glass container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
Glass bottle manufacturing history there have been thousands of years of human beings. Though the glass bottle has achieved from artificial to mechanization of bottle blowing machine, industrial upgrading process. But the bottle body is still retained with the flavor of traditional everywhere. Glass bottles as packaging products, more is in the position of the mid-range, profit is not high, basically give priority to in order to walk quantity. Want to raise glass item profits, implements the glass product innovation, go the way of the fusion of science and technology, is an effective way of enhancing the added value of the cosmetics glass container. For cosmetics glass container of science and technology, in fact, to implement more misery than plastic. One is through glass bottle cap interface implementation, mainly in glass bottle anti-counterfeiting, etc, to raise the level of glass bottle anti-counterfeiting, profit by raising the glass sheet is tasted. A from the label of glass bottle, glass bottle label can be extended qr code to achieve docking with the mobile Internet, there are, of course, is in a glass bottle to join tracker elements, such as product traceability system. In the competition of plastic bottle and glass bottle, plastic bottles can on label, applique process the appearance of the bottle, to win the love of consumers. Now the glass bottle after continuous process reform, also can spray paint, frosting and baking skill needed for the customer design, trademark printing on cosmetics glass container. Because of the transparency of glass bottles and surface smoothness, through the underlying technology, the glass bottle is easy to slide, and also does not have good feel. And spray roast flowers, such as different, logo will not only save in glass bottle for a long time, also has better aesthetic to the bottle. The appearance of the plastic containers have been on the bottle of cosmetics relies mainly on the stick mark process to further improve the product outer packing. Contrast, cosmetics glass container later in the modification process with a variety of choices, melting, spray paint, frosting, and other effects. This makes glass bottle can often transform gives a variety of packaging effect. The process can make the glass color, also can let the glass bottle to meet the needs of different positioning of the packaging. So now, in the high-end packaging market, more and more because of the need for personalized cosmetics manufacturer using glass bottle to packing, and then later through a variety of process to be improved, distinctive packaging effect, these on plastic bottles are hard to reach. According to related statistics, the current glass bottles in the packaging market all over the world are presented using rapid growth trend. High-end cosmetics glass container from its visual impact and simple sense, compared with plastic bottles and other packaging materials, glass is much more simple sense and massiness, partly to people's hearts closer to the product of high degree. Light, like the plastic packaging, go against the massiness of foil products. In addition, the glass bottle in appearance can do a lot of later processing, can rapidly improve the appearance of the glass, art glass more senses, thereby gaining temperament. 430. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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