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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
OEM product development three positioning < p> 2017 - 09 - 15 10:07:00 < / p> cosmetics OEM product development is the key factor of cosmetics is good or bad, positioning, so cosmetics OEM product development positioning needs to consider what factors? Emotion, cosmetics OEM product development of the positioning cosmetics OEM product development, is the most usual emotional positioning, why, because of the cosmetics industry main consumers are female consumers, they naturally sensitive and emotional, in other words, they are perceptual more than rational people. So, we in the development of a pure product, such as a flashlight, its location should be rational positioning, how to save electricity more brighter that regardless of feelings. in addition to the effect of itself, but also the effect of maintenance, it is at the same time of curing effect, so the cosmetics and must be through the emotional orientation to communicate with female consumers. The most usual trick is to shape the brand story, as well as some emotional words, beautiful packaging, have good sense of the skin. , after all, most skin care products are not the sort of immediate products must be make consumers willing to use to reflect the effect, emotional orientation cannot be contempt. Second, cosmetics OEM product development interests positioning positioning should actually is the foundation of cosmetics products, as cosmetics, it is not simply to watch, so just good-looking appearance, full of feminine is not enough, it must have a fundamental effect. Filling water must be able to moisturize, whiten and natural to have beautiful white effect, so if you found in cosmetics manufacturer OEM product development formula whitening effect is particularly significant, then you can bold positioning for whitening maintain article, even the brand can be so as for whitening excellent brand of a class, this has already been many brands are effective, doctor bai, for example, for example, beans, itself has, in accordance with the brand name can bring the interests of consumers to locate. Three and the orientation of cosmetics OEM product development, the concept of concept and cosmetics OEM of locating methods commonly used in the product development process, the so-called concept of positioning, is that a special concept to products, and distinguishes them from the same competition. Essential oil, for example, adding products, polar skin care products, imported raw materials, without adding products, these are all hype a classic case of success.
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