Thousands of cosmetics factory, only this one by a great number of brands

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25

guangdong cosmetics industry scale, especially in baiyun district, guangzhou together more and more than three thousand cosmetics manufacturer factory, so many cosmetics factory together, without government support, set the right place, right time and.

thousands of cosmetics factory, service quality high and low range, XJ Beauty from the strength of the brand reputation, research and development, efficient and convenient one-stop service, and to strictly control the product quality, in the fierce market competition, win the favor of the well-known brands at home and abroad, the raw material business?

into beauty, understanding and beautiful!

beauty makeup industry group founded in 1996, the headquarters is located in the tianhe district, guangzhou citic plaza. After 23 years of development, the main business of customized OEM/ODM brand, increase the beauty and anti-aging research and supply chain services and investment funds, raw material planting and brand operation business sectors, by & quot; The joining together of two card & quot; And the 'national hi-tech enterprise'.

create beauty have?

beauty makeup industry group, guangzhou beauty cosmetics manufacturer co. , LTD. , guangzhou beauty appearance, cosmetics co. , LTD. And other two production bases and four subsidiaries, combined production base covers an area of more than 300000 square meters, set low temperature aseptic closed factories more than thousand GMPC production workshop with the international standard of cosmetics manufacturer production line, has become a scientific research, production, sales integration of beauty cosmetics group enterprise.

create beauty institute on aging, the first 100 million yuan investment, establish GMPC standard workshop of 2400 square meters, has a doctorate, 42 60 biological chemical Dr. Master's research team, has 67 core technology ( Item 12 of technology has been to the market) 。 Reserve reserves of more than 500 patents, with 32 core technology, has already passed 7 patent technology.

create beauty can do for you?

beauty makeup industry group owns more than 20 years of anti-aging technology research and development experience, has the production qualification and the special product approval, can make skin care, washing, personal care, disinfection, antibacterial, soaps and other products, with sunscreen and spot whitening production qualification, can satisfy all kinds of brand the custom needs of customers. For thousands of cosmetics brand to provide a generation of processing services, covering the online and offline terminal sales, popular in theaters, electricity, wechat business, cosmetic line, the new retail channels.

create beauty for quality guarantee!

company production workshop, a total of more than 300000 square meters, the production process strictly follow the international GMPC certification standard, passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, has advanced production equipment and standard production environment. Closed production workshop with advanced air purification system and disinfection system, filling equipment using pneumatic device, contactless aseptic operation, production lines to meet different demand of production, presently for domestic and foreign many brand companies generation process.

on quality cengcengbaguan, high standards to ensure that each product qualified rate, on the brand on the product quality guarantee.

change the beauty industry homogeneity of low-quality impression!

cosmetics is good in addition to the production environment, research and development strength, is the core material. XJ Beauty cooperate with well-known raw material suppliers, through many years of accumulation of cooperation, has a strong and stable supply chain resources at home and abroad, such as: Japan long seto, Germany basf, French fairy d. , qinghai's blue qi, etc. , and with some research and production base to form the core material of the strategic and cooperative relations. Be worth what carry is, bringing its own planting base of ten thousand mu, foshan brillant, banyan park, hunan shimen, banyan park, luo certain silk park, powerful advantage of resources integration, and meet the demand of higher capacity.

XJ Beauty since its establishment, can occupy a place in the thousands of cosmetics factory is not easy, for it is strong r&d strength, high quality talent team construction, and discusses the present the latest scientific research achievements, talented people to learn the latest technology formula, strengthen self ability, to own a strong and beautiful today.

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