This paper describes the operation characteristics of acrylic cosmetics bottles

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
As people become more and more low, to the requirement of cosmetic bottles because acrylic bottle is easy to be broken, never react and cosmetics, so more and more popular, which led to the development of the industry, acrylic bottle manufacturers have sprung up to build, to brought to people's life. Acrylic bottle, its raw materials chemical known as PMMA, in the field of cosmetics container packaging, acrylic bottles have been widely used in high-grade cream, emulsion, such as cosmetic packaging, welcomed deeply by the market. Or organic glass, acrylic, also called PMMA chemical name as PMMA. Is the key to a development late in plasticity polymer material, has the good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, processing, elegant appearance, has widespread application in the construction industry. Organic glass products generally can be divided into casting plate, sheet extrusion and molding compound. Features: 1, with crystalline transparency, light transmittance in more than 92%, the light round, clear vision, using dye acrylic color also have very good exhibition effect. 2, acrylic board has excellent weather resistance, low surface hardness and surface luster, and good high temperature performance. 3, acrylic board has good processing performance, not only can use thermoforming, also can use mechanical processing way. 4, transparent acrylic be and match the light transmittance of glass, but the density is only half of the glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, even damage, also won't like glass forming sharp fragments. The wear resistance of 5, acrylic and aluminum is close to, good stability and corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals. 6, acrylic board has good optimum printing and spraying, adopting suitable printing and coating process, gives the surface of the acrylic products perfect decoration effect. 7, flame resistance: never ever since but belongs to flammable items, never has the self-extinguishing. Yakeli not only has the characteristics of the plastic bottle: resistance to fall off, light, difficult to dye, processing, low cost, also has the characteristics of glass appearance elegant, simple sense. That is to say, it makes cosmetics container factory cost for the appearance of the glass bottle, household plastic make it so well as resistance to fall off, transport, etc. Although acrylic bottle in the cosmetics market smoothly, the great is not too much food, medicine and other packaging for general applications, it is also worth acrylic bottle manufacturers grope and explore an area. 517. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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