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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
These super effective skin care little knowledge to share with you! < p> 2019 - 07 - 12 17:27:34 < / p> these super effective skin care little knowledge to share with you! Told you before, & other; Clean & throughout; Is the first step of skin care! Ready to clean, but also for the follow-up skin care steps more smooth, skin is good absorbing essence, achieve the best effect. However, many of the girls, clean and ready, the follow-up skin care has done is not good, will talk to you today, a little knowledge of skin care, hope to be of help! One, the right way of skin care is invalid first direct reason is the skin not using the right skin care methods, which makes the skin is invalid. In life, for example, a few small prescription, such as aloe cucumber face film, milk honey facial mask, suggest that we don't try to blindly, taking professional skin care products, skin care effect is more obvious. Second, the skin care methods error in the process of skin care, technology is also very important. Skin care products should not be casually daub, such as toner, best pour toner on the pads, pat your face will be more health! Or wet apply the effect will be more effective than direct pat face moist and lock in moisture. When using lotion, massage together, the skin can absorb the essence. Three, frequent skin care skin care is a kind of method, make your skin maintain the best condition to protect skin, too. Because of frequent skin, the skin is not only the effect not beautiful, but also more let skin allergic stimulation. Like a mask, it is best not to apply a day, keep best apply two or three times a week. Four, product selection for the choice of skin care products, must be the right choices according to the type of skin. Oily skin clean, dry skin selection moisturizing products, the most difficult to care for people with sensitive skin, remember to use a mild skin care products, has effect is more close skin do not stimulate the damaged.
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