These beautiful makeup brand cosmetics nickname big inventory: world argot do you know

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-28

countless cosmetic brand, each brand has a lot of series, each series have different sheet is tasted, let a person silly points not clear. The key is: the item's official name many long, man, want to remember, it is better to let me quietly in the wind. XJ Beauty, engaged in cosmetics production and processing of 25 years, 5000 + mature formula, a formula is directly to the international brand, provide a lot of brands with first-class generation processing research and development services. For those beauty makeup argot, today just count each big cosmetics nickname for you, let you no longer 'a face of meng force'!

brand nickname

cosmetics nickname is multifarious, the so-called poplar, diao card, which refers to the cosmetics brand, such as saying-more than three can you have to answer? Please look at my face didn't force expression package!

five great god water

toner but delicate pig girl necessary skin care products, one of the 'five great god of water' in the skin care industry has the pivotal status in river's lake! Don't have a boyfriend, but did not make up water, sorry! Male and female servants can't!

SK - II skin cream dew: fairy water

she had high function toner: Perilla water

snow muscle extract lotion: pure water

IPSA golden years setting embellish skin water: water files

marina toning essence: healthy water

item nickname

in order to facilitate and image memory, a lot of skin care and make-up item has its own 'nickname', besides has the official name, have their own unique Chinese nickname.

la mer essence cream: miracle cream

shiseido red yan muscle living essence dew: red kidney

barbie deep clean embellish yan particles brown: pepper

clinique skin creams: genius butter

zi surplus raw ginseng chun yan repair cream snowflakes show: ginseng cream

'bottle' commonly known as

according to the color of the appearance of the name, is also a more classic popular skin care products, these have a 'nickname' protect skin to taste is useful because it is over, so for many small fairies for convenient and easy to remember, more willing to give their lovely 'nickname'!

red bottle: SK2 muscle source activating repair essence cream

little brown bottle: estee lauder's lip repair muscle through essence dew ( The sixth generation little brown bottle)

small purple bottle: d cosette moisturizing hairdressing fluid

pinky bottle. However the new beauty oil

black bottle: lancome muscle bottom essence

small white bottle: Olay Pro - X equation of pure white essence whitening pale spot

green vase: rubinstein yue live new repair essence dew

double gold bottle: clarins family generation 8 gold double bottle series double extraction haun live repair essence dew

small bulb: SK - II muscle by light aggregates ring diamond mining white essence dew

after XJ Beauty small make up a wave of simple, rough and interesting introduction, whether to understanding more about Beauty makeup industry code? Big brands in addition to 'you' or 'your', most of the time we are spending money on 'brand effect'. In fact we also can choose a few to use inexpensive Chinese cosmetics manufacturer. XJ Beauty for many brand processing research and development of many of the skincare, the same composition, the same as raw material, production standards, but we are committed to the development of technology, higher and it has let you shocked service price, welcome consultation to understand!

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