There is no 'machinery shop name' mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
State food and drug administration issued 'cosmetic science: alert the mask consumption trap', says there is no such thing as an 'machinery shop name mask', 'machinery shop name mask' is actually a medical dressings, belong to the category of medical devices. With consumer upgrades, the medical cosmetology is more and more close to our life, all kinds of laser, skin care project in consumer demand. After medical hairdressing, consumers tend to be recommended to use a variety of so-called 'machinery shop name mask' 'medical beauty mask' ( Usually identify the product registration certificate number for the 'x machinery note' or 'x machinery equipment, etc. )' , or font size has been dubbed the 'medical skincare' makeup mask, etc. These products are claimed to mask than the ordinary standard is high, the effect of strong, more reliable, more suitable for consumer use. So-called 'machinery size mask' and 'medical skin care products', such as whether consumers better skin care choices? A, there is no such thing as an 'machinery shop name mask' so-called 'machinery shop name mask', is actually a medical dressings, belong to the category of medical devices. Medical dressings can contact with wound directly or indirectly, with absorb wound exudate, support organ, prevent adhesion or medical role in suitable environment for wound healing. Size 2, 'makeup mask' cannot be declared 'medical skincare' so-called 'makeup size mask', namely according to the management of facial mask product cosmetics, refers to apply or on the human skin surface, after a period of time the jie from, scrub or retain, cosmetics with the function of nursing or clean. Mask class cosmetics include not only face film, eye film, nasal membrane, lip film, film, film, film, etc. , got the favour of consumers in recent years, has become an important category of cosmetics. Three, how to correctly use the mask medical dressings should be in the 'scope' or 'intended use', to the extent permitted by the guidance of a qualified doctor and used in accordance with the correct usage and dosage, not a daily skin care products use for a long time.
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