There are four major types of cosmetics processing: face film

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
processing: face film there are four kinds of type 1, patch type mask patch mask is now the most common, also is the best mask. Face mask contains 25 ml emulsion essence, gently massage until after remaining lotion is absorbed on the face, then your face has a thin layer of protective layer, can need not wash out, directly to the subsequent maintenance programs. 2, disposable sleep mask is this sleep mask, sleeping of time better moisture to help skin moisturizing, skin is water dangdang the next day. But as long as can apply a layer of uniform enough, too much can lead to skin stressed out, poor blood circulation, skin darker. To pay attention to oh, sleeping mask of disposable just in a certain period of time, do not need to wash, rather than can not wash. Apply the mask before sleeping is best can do in 6 ~ 8 hours cleaning, in order to prevent normal breathing and prevent skin metabolism. So after a night, still should wash it hard and then smear daily moisturizer. 3, jelly mask jelly mask generally called water to wash facial mask. This mask to get a bit of a sticky feeling dry face, very uncomfortable. So still have to wash well. Liquid film of face of mostly gel type, can repair our skin at night. This type of daub mask if you want to play the best effect, must be coated with a thick layer is valid, to see the original color as the highest standard. But qiu dong season, jelly mask is not recommended. 4, the tear film of face of tear type mask is usually to use most black head, facial cleaning work before, after steaming face with hot water, or with a hot towel apply the nose, then daub. So that we can open the pore, make pore deep fat black can be better to remove. This mask is certainly want to wash out, contractive pore bright skin water should be used after washing. Guangzhou XJ only website is a collection of cosmetics manufacturer Beauty cosmetics factory processing, professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM, 20 years cosmetics OEM experience, has a number of national patent invention. Make Chinese luxury cosmetics brand for you!
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