The use of toner skills

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
Skin care is simple, actually points to carefully, step or a lot. Make up water in the skin care steps of girls must have important position, as a first step after cleansing and lotion, apply to the entire skin open channel. Although nutrition of water really is not high, but as a auxiliary can let skin break down, my face reduce stimulation increase absorption for subsequent products. But not many people will ask, the water in the water content has big enough, so why do girls again after washing a face on a layer of water. Professional cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer to XJ Beauty that cosmetics manufacturer in the water, its composition and water is not the same as we wash our face, in addition to the pure quality, but also add the various is softening ingredients, can be the girl become weak acid alkaline skin after cleansing, skin will be more soft. Some special lotion or have the effect of purify is corneous, or has a calm red blain blain effect, so on the classification to choose the girl still need to pay more attention to your needs. The use of toner: when using the dab is the most convenient way by hand directly, not only to promote absorption, also can let spirit become relaxed. The second way is to rest use make up another care, this way is especially suitable for cleaning lotion, can let the cutin fall off faster. The walls of oily skin leather is suitable for this kind of way of my face. The last one is girl's favorite way of use in the summer, pour water on cotton piece shi fu. This way of fully infiltrates moisturizing effect, have better stabilization for some gentle gentle toner is practical. Shi fu belongs to treatment, do not need to use every day, not only waste water will make cell excessive infiltration. Make up water on the quality of a material is different also, refreshing but not oily type is more suitable for summer, did not increase the burden of skin. The essence of water nutrition content will be more higher, is suitable for the girls there are other requirements. Relies on the make up water or not enough, but there is not enough money to students, can choose a basic toner collocation cream, cream of absorbing ability is outstanding, the overall repair effect nature will be better.
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