The use of the essence of the order

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-24
are many, many beautiful women will have a lot of stock of cosmetics manufacturer, essence everyone not unfamiliar, is every woman should be the necessary tool, it can be instantaneous hydrating, skin no longer dry, still can fast convergence, keep skin exquisite and smooth and elastic. Each has its own method of use cosmetics manufacturer, in essence you know how it use order, today we are a professional cosmetics processing factory XJ Beauty to tell everyone: one, the method of use: 1, using the essence should be the third layer in the skin care routine, is to use after cleansing and toning. In after cleaning the skin, apply evenly after toner to use essence, toner, toner can help skin absorb moisture, effectively directly into the deep skin, make skin softness, flexibility is better. 2, the dosage of essence is not the more the better. Even if it is suitable for their own use of essence, also is not the more the better. Because we can not absorb the redundant components can cause skin burden? Summer just 2 - at a time 3, 3 - every time in the winter 5 drops. T area only 1 times a day, around the eye and lip 2 times. 3, apply face film before use double essence effect. Elite fluid used as base fluid can help the follow-up skin care products to absorb, can be in a lot of complex again after daub elite fluid mask, absorb the effect will be doubled. Professional cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty thinks that high concentration such as essence of high functional skin nutrition best as long as to master the correct method of use, make your skin all day long stay in the best state, attract around eyes like a light, be a focus. XJ Beauty think, now in the market of elite fluid maintenance types, brush is not required to follow the quality of a material is thick, the principle of the later to clean, be sure to do not waste, ensure the valuable, efficient component was completely absorbed in essence, grasp the dosage, daub technique is also very important.
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