The use of mask

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Mask is beauty essential supplies, all kinds of functional film of face of many to count. Some can hydrate, some can complement nutrition, mask for its simple and practical characteristics, are widely used. Cosmetics factory also need to pay attention to think the use of mask, may be slightly do not pay attention to details, you can use the wrong. One, the sleep mask will contaminate the quilt, so wash before going to bed. Many people with sleep mask will directly go to bed, face film not dry, would, of course, made all over the quilt, in fact, according to the instructions in the sleeping mask, coated with 20 minutes before going to sleep, completely dry before sleep. Second, if you use sleep mask when feel sticky and greasy skin and facial grease is secreted after get up much more special, you don't have to spend the night with the mask. Apply the mask for half an hour, such as the skin after it is absorbed completely washed away. Three, the sleep mask. The more thick, the better, can absorb in one night. Sleep mask will clog pores, if one-time apply too much pores is stuck to the hover, wrinkles, acne, and various skin problems will appear again. Mask is good, but don't take on too much, according to the size of your face, painted with enough to cover the face of a layer. Four, apply sleep mask before don't need any skin care. Sleep mask have largely closed effect, in order to make the skin in a short period of time to absorb more nutrients, or first on the basis of curing and then apply the sleep mask, also promote the absorption of other skin care products. Every night after thoroughly clean, wipe on the emulsion on the face, gently massage, to apply again after it is completely absorbed.
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