The use of cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-04
The love of beauty of heart, the person all has. As the saying goes, 'people don't like beauty, the hindmost. 'Now, almost everyone every day use skin care products or cosmetics manufacturer, regardless of age or gender. So for intimate contact every day, do you really know, whether there is a cognitive or use the small blind spot on. Here are to be replaced by cosmetics processing small make up to popular science about cosmetics manufacturer use period for everyone. 1. Mascara: 3 - Could the 6 months if you want to put the mascara to maximize, insist to 6 months, so do not brush head pump up and down inside the paste twitch! This practice is very common, but wrong. Because in this way can make more air into the paste, so as to make the paste quickly become dry, will also create convenient conditions for bacterial growth. 2. 6 - the fluid foundation 12 months depending on the packaging, big open easier than press type bottle to contact air, compared with using period shorter. A oil-water separation is resolute can't use. 3. Eye shadow 1 - 2 years compared with liquid class cosmetics, powder cosmetics manufacturer longer shelf life. But be phased out and check the date, if the composition of metamorphic, immediately throw away; Smell is wrong, immediately throw away; Color pollution, or throw away immediately! 4. Check your lipstick lipstick: 2 years, if changed color, character, or smell, that was enough to illustrate your lipstick is out of date. If you use a 'lucky' that passed the inspection, also had better to clean, the outermost layers 'sweep' clean first, then spray a little alcohol is disinfected. So once kaifeng, be about to use as soon as possible, or if a skin care products also useless over two years with the previous year, and then blame this product doesn't work, it really is a bit wrong, in fact, the somebody else would have the best life, active ingredients of the oxidation of oxidation, the metamorphism of metamorphism.
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