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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-26
The United States and the European Union on food legislation on aloe products difference < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:22 < / p> in the past few years, the United States and the European Union in the composition of aloe products and market laws are very different, this is due to the European food and cosmetics act in according to the food bill, as a result of changes in recent years, add benefit and the label is the difference between the two main product sales process. Ec first food add bill was passed in 1995, in general in all 15 member states of the European Union. These bills concrete and detailed rules for the food and beverage additives can join in the t in some special products, allows you to add additives, additives and the maximum amount. In the European Union, there are few some additives can be used for all food and drinks. For example, the use of preservatives and antioxidants in food and beverage is strictly controlled, these are very specific provision in the bill. As liquid beverage additives of aloe products on the market, whether in the form of single or mixture is allowed to contain the sorbic acid and benzoic acid salt salt content of 2000 ㎎ / L ( 精神创伤和痛苦) 。 Allowed by the upper limit is according to the content of free of sorbic acid and benzoic acid. For the proportion of this two kinds of preservatives added amount and no rules, but the content of their total content must not exceed 2000 ㎎ / L. However, if the products on the market is designated as a soft drink sales, allow the quantity of preservative to greatly reduce, sorbic acid and sorbic acid salt of cap for 300 ㎎ / L, benzoic acid and benzoate cap for 150 ㎎ / L. Such as the added to the mixture, the sorbic acid potassium allows 250 ㎎ / L, maximum benzoic acid of 150 ㎎ / L. The content of preservatives generally by the executive branch to monitor, for those mixture containing without permission, the preservative or above products, is to reject. For product added antioxidants have similar provisions. Vitamin C and ascorbic acid sodium salt, calcium salt were allowed to add in some drinks and soft drinks, and in the import and export, there are no rules for the content of some additives. Law, however, their content must be in accordance with GMP. There is only one exception is the vitamin E, it is not suitable for aqueous medium, there is no other antioxidants are allowed to use in aloe or drink. Ascorbic acid in Europe it is prohibited to use, but there have been authorities, according to a report from the U. S. import and export of goods found in ascorbic acid. If manufacturers want to export products to Europe, so they must be strictly check their products carefully, to ensure to comply with the current bill of all additives. Besides preservatives and antioxidants, pigments, sweeteners, polyol and all technology additives, such as acidity adjusting agent and so on, have strict control. About labels, Europe and the United States also has obvious different, including general marks and nutrients. For general identification has a prescribed format, including requiring a shelf life. Given on the label on the product description is very important, as said above, the above is used as liquid aloe drink beverage additives, both allowed by the additive are quite different. Nutrient must abide by the provisions of the European series of accurate. This has to do with the current implementation rules are quite different in the United States. All of the food, according to the food bill sales can't claim that this product can prevent, treat or cure various diseases of the body. In Europe, some legal some change recently, which affect the cosmetic formulation, manufacturing and marketing. Including the cream and hand sanitizer. As for food, a series of elements was prohibited, allowed, restricted or use. Now, some of Europe's companies need to market products to provide a detailed file, so that relevant departments to audit. This file contains the formulation, raw material specification, manufacturing process and the safety of the statement, and signed by qualify for the European experts. , like food, no face creams and lotions can claim that the product can prevent, treat or cure diseases. Unless you have been registered as a drug. If the company wants to enter the European market in the United States, the export of shipment of the product is best read in advance of European Union law, including the composition of the product and logo.
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