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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-11
factory has analyzed China's latest cosmetics market present situation < p> 2018 - cosmetics factory 10 - 23 17:01:38 < / p> first of all, the new economy, cosmetics factory through the first half of 2018, the report points out that the Chinese economy, China's economy is steadily positive growth. In the first half of the gross national product (GNP) 41. 8961 trillion yuan, year-on-year growth of 6. 8%. China's National Bureau of Statistics data from four aspects, and points out that Chinese consumption still maintained good growth momentum. Because the demand continues to increase, consumer prices rose 2% in the first half of the year the goods import growth 11. 5%, among which the cosmetics manufacturer import growth 1 9 times in the first half of this year the growth rate of total retail sales of social consumer goods. To speed up the upgrading, 4% in recent years, China's consumption structure upgrade goods total cosmetics class rose 14. 2%, catering income growth over ( 9. 9%) And retail ( 9. 3%) 。 In addition, the July 1, 2018, washing supplies, skin care and hair care cosmetics products average import tariff rate by eight. 4% down to 2. 9%. factory according to the zhongshang industry research institute, according to data from 15 in 2012 China's per capita cosmetics consumption growth in 2017 to 261 yuan. 5 yuan, 5 years in the top 20 domestic cosmetics companies grow from six to eight. The combined market share by 7. 6% increase to 14. 3%. Second, the new consumption characteristics of the latest is the rise of China, cosmetics brand preference is one of population preference change change, local brands word-of-mouth promotion. Another keyword is characterized by experience, globally, 53% of millennials will choose high-end experience as a gift, the proportion of China is 34. 3%. Their access to information is also very diverse, according to the survey, 20. 5% of respondents to get information from social media, 15. 1% of respondents use the brand's official website, 14. 4% through magazines. Millennials will make shopping decisions integrated multiple sources of information. Third, new channels, from the point of permeability channels, its strong growth momentum, and still is the mainstream of consumers shopping channel. His small orange orange, for example, the last four years, extended to more than 80 stores, covering 16 provinces; The fox demon has 62 stores, many location in the shopping center, imports accounted for 95%. At present for cosmetics manufacturer innovation performance, service and experience extreme, positioning accuracy, retail branding, stores multiple formats. factory according to the China shopping center development index report, China's overall market continued recovery and good shopping center. The seven regional development index in line from above. In the fierce competition in the department store industry, the development model of single forms gradually become a thing of the past, more and more of the department store industry has been in multiple formats, multidisciplinary and collaborative direction transition, through diversified operation forms to suit the change of consumer demand. In 2018, according to iresearch forecasts that Chinese cosmetics online deals for 3632. 100 million yuan, rose 25. 12%, 2011 ~ 2018 year compound growth rate of 32. 41%, on-line channel developing rapidly in recent years, improve market share. Mature female consumers rely more on traditional business channels, while young consumers prefer emerging online shopping channels, such as WeChat, the little red book. Fourth, new products, China's top five class cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, oral care products, bath products and cosmetics. Contributed 90% of the market sales, including skin care products accounted for more than half, the fastest-growing cosmetics market. Based on forward-looking industry institute released the skincare products industry in China from 2018 to 2023 in production and marketing demand and investment forecast analysis report, in 2021, is expected in 2021 skincare market size is about 2505. 800 million yuan. Skin care products accounted for the highest across Asia, China, reached 51%, high-end skin care and active skin care has become the focus of skin care products market. According to ali data online face film market analysis, according to the different effect to see sales proportion, among them, 60% moisture, whitening effect accounted for 10%, relieve skin and clean acne removing each accounted for 5%, moist effect (7%), lift firming accounted for 4%.
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